BMW Wheels Out i3 and i8 at Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez 2013


BMW i8 on Display

BMW i8 on Display

Les Voiles de SaintTropez in France is a rendezvous of yachts and the place where sailboats finish off the racing season.

BMW i3 on Display

BMW i3 on Display

So, why do we see both the BMW i8 and BMW i3 there?

We’re not entirely sure, but doesn’t that i8 pop against the background of some of the world’s most expensive and exotic sailboats?

BMW’s connection to Les Voiles de SaintTropez isn’t apparent to us, but that matters not.

All BMW says of the i8 and i3 appearing there is this:

“High-tech meets classic design on the Côte d’Azur.”

Again…who cares.  Not us.

Just look at that i8.  It’s art meets science.  It’s design done right.  We wouldn’t have even noticed the nearby boats had it not been for BMW telling us the photos were taken on the Cote d’Azur (aka French Riviera), which is apparently a popular hangout site for boaters.



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Why? Simply because Les voiles de St-Tropez and the city in general attracts the world richest population. Good spot to display expensive cars like the i8.

Actually, these are the cheap seats, they couldn’t get into Monte Carlo!

Press events at the Mediterranean Sea are standard for European car makers. There is a high chance of good weather conditions and the journalists like the free holiday trip.