BMW i Wallbox – Video


BMW i Wallbox

BMW i Wallbox

Every plug-in vehicle manufacturer would like for us to believe that its own charging solution is the best option for its plug-in vehicles.

BMW is no different:

“The BMW i Wallbox is your most convenient private charging option for your BMW i3 and i8. BMW i offers you a customized installation service package including Wallbox Installation Survey, delivery and installation of your BMW i Wallbox.”

“Since every private parking situation is different, BMW i offers you an Online Pre-Check to see whether the BMW i Wallbox generally can be installed at your home.”

Honestly, we’d skip the Wallbox and go for perhaps a ClipperCreek unit, but if the Wallbox is what you desire, then you ought to check out this BMW i Wallbox video.

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So, it’s the best for the i3 or i8 because it’s shaped like a big I. I agree you can just as easily go with whatever you want and probably save some money. Going this route though, you do get the convenience of them setting up the whole thing instead of making the different calls yourself.

These things are what can set EVs back. Among all the other advantages of a Tesla, you can also just plug it into an electric dryer outlet (USA: 230V, 30A, single-phase). The labor costs for the electrician to install it is several times that of the parts (wire, circuit breaker and outlet). It’s also very small and unobtrusive – more likely to convince whomever you need to convince for getting one placed near a parking spot in an apartment or condo complex.

…or a standard RV outlet like you see at camp grounds…again, small and efficient in space and function, cheap to buy and install, etc.

TMC originally licensed the onboard charger tech from AC Propulsion, as far as I know.

I don’t know if this new open-patent policy would include that tech or not – probably not, unless TMC has patents on improvements to that feature…

That’s why automakers should just throw out the J1772 standard and incorporate Tesla’s method. Leave all the J1772 stations, just use the Tesla adapter for newer cars.