BMW Upping U.S. Allocation Of i3, i8

OCT 21 2014 BY STAFF 10

BMW i8 Production

BMW i8 Production

BMW is looking to increase the production of i3 and i8 models in the US.

The company has sold 3,104 i3s from May-September in the U.S. this year, and the i8 sold nine when launched in August, 58 in September, and it is sold out at BMW dealers through to 2015. To date BMW has globally sold 10,000 i3s and 280 i8s.

In the U.S., BMW has tallied 3,104 sales of the i3 and 67 deliveries of the i8 through September.

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Despite the hefty price tag and in some cases, the additional markup, the i8 is a huge seller for BMW. The i3 has a base price of $42,300 including shipping.

“We are looking at taking a few i3 slots and making i8s because they go down the same production line,” said Ian Robertson, the company’s board member for sales and marketing, “The wait times are too long, and we will adjust that and sell more i8s, but cautiously.

Globally, BMW is selling around 100 i-Series cars per day, he said. The daily production of i vehicles is around the same number.

Both cars are assembled in Leipzig, Germany and worldwide there have been 130,000 test drives of the i-Series cars to date.

Robertson said the i cars have helped polish BMW’s image as a leader in innovation and technology.

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On Sunday Night Football this week BMW ran several i3 ads. This may be the first for an EV – an expensive national advertising campaign. That campaign won’t pay for itself selling under 1000 cars/month.

In addition BMW ran numerous ads touting the technological innovations of the i8 and stating that many of those innovations are available on the 3-series and 5-series. I didn’t actually see it mentioned that the i8 is a PHEV but it’s clear that they aren’t being shy about these new cars.

It’s about branding. Seem green, earn green.

Maybe so. I’m not sure about that, as I don’t think their demographic cares that much about green per se, but in any event it’s much better than Audi’s attempt at green cred with their oxymoronic “clean diesel”.

That’s debatable. The i3 has tons of conquest sales. I know people that would never have even purchased a BMW in the past. In fact, the president of our green club just bought one.

Actually, BMW isn’t just green on appearance. They’re actually a very green company from a green demographic. Germany is all about recycling.

BMW is constantly ranked at the top for green companies. ANd I’m not talking about “green credits” that Apple and the likes use to “seem green”. BMW actually implements green tech into their facilities and production.

So there is nothing with 30000 i3 in the first year.

I read this as ” we have plenty of low profit I3’s sitting on dealer lots unsold so we are going to build some high profit in demand I8’s instead”

Or, I read this as:

Dealers have lots full of “Unrealistically Priced” i3s, that nobody wants.
Let’s build some more “Unrealistically Priced” i8s.
There may be another 100 buyers, before the public rejects this one too.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of dealers offer the BMW I3 for around $38,000 to $40,000 lately with the rex version.

Good news. I knew the i3 and i8 would be successful. Now bring out an i5 sedan and i6 CUV.