BMW Tweaks Concept X5 eDrive For New York Auto Show Debut – Live Photos


The BMW X5 is iconic to the Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) segment.

BMW X5 eDrive

BMW X5 eDrive

It offers luxury, practicality and dynamics that come with it. The X5 offers a plug-in hybrid concept model which features a great reduction in emissions or even zero emissions in urban areas.  This concept is called the X5 eDrive. The vehicle received many tweaks and was looked over with a fine tooth comb prior to being presented at the 2014 New York Auto Show. 

Like before, the X5 has whats called  Xdrive Intelligent All Wheel Drive System. This X5 eDrive is paired with BMW’s eDrive Technology which comes with a 70 kW/95HP electric motor.  Top speed of 75 mph is listed in electric mode and BMW says 20 miles are available for pure electric.  The electric motor comes along a 245 HP I4 gasoline engine with BMW’s Twin Power Turbo Technology.  Electric and/or gasoline can be managed in 3 different driving modes per the drivers desire.

  • Intelligent hybrid drive with an optimal relationship between sportiness and efficiency (AUTO eDrive).
  • Pure electric driving (MAX eDrive).
  • SAVE Battery to maintain the current charge level.

The X5 eDrive features a lithium ion battery which can be recharged on any domestic wall socket. The high voltage battery is placed under the luggage compartment and everyday usability is uncompromised with almost a flat loading floor.

The 2014 New York Auto Show is now upon us.  The tweaked X5 eDrive debuted there on Wednesday and we captured photos of it on the stage.  We expect to see the Concept X5 eDrive ditch its “concept” name soon.  This is, after all, a production-bound plug-in vehicle.

BMW X5 eDrive

BMW X5 eDrive

BMW X5 eDrive

BMW X5 eDrive

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The Outlander ist cheaper and better, because Mitsubishi have more experience.

Pretty nice but it’s still a gas car with a small electric motor.

They need to make the X5 out of carbon fiber like the i3.

Perhaps it’s labeled a concept due to the large plexiglass hole in the floor with LED lighting to exhibit the battery pack…

The SAVE/hold mode is perfect compliance for those Euro zones that are popping up over there for zero emissions vehicles.

BMW is still in compliance mode and to hear Mercedes and GM bloviate on Tesla at the New York Auto Show is laughable.

Evolution to electric is turtle-speed right now compared to what it should be. Being gasaholic is one tough cookie to ditch if you’re the big guys.