BMW to Create “Portfolio” Aimed at Businesses/Commercial Fleets to Boost i3 Sales


BMW i3 Concept Coupe

BMW i3 Concept Coupe

Word of the BMW i3 being priced similar (mid-$40,000 range) to a well-equipped BMW 3 Series is certainly not new news, though it is for some odd reason making rounds on the Internet again.

BMW i3 in Swirls...Businesses Will Likely Opt for the Range Extender Version, Says BMW

BMW i3 in Swirls…Businesses Will Likely Opt for the Range Extender Version, Says BMW

However, this tidbit of info on the i3 is not headline-grabbing, but is the first time it’s ever been confirmed by BMW.

The German Automaker told BusinessCar that it will definitely pitch its i3 to commercial fleets and business owners, at least in the UK.

BMW says it will “offer a range of business leasing options for its new electric i3 when it arrives in the UK at the end of the year,” according to BusinessCar.

It’s not immediately clear what’s meant by this, but BMW’s Suzanne Gray, general manager of the BMW i division, offered this explanation to BusinessCar.

“We’ve set up a number of propositions for individual drivers that companies could make available.  But we are also creating a portfolio aimed specifically at businesses.  The range-extender is where we will see the majority of business uptake, but there will also be other options for firms looking for slightly more flexibility.  For a product like the i3, companies are interested in showcasing a vehicle like this. It’s a strong internal and external PR story.”

BMW further says that it’s already in discussion with companies regarding the i3.  This list includes organizations, blue chip firms, leasing companies and SMEs (aka small and medium enterprises).

BMW doesn’t expect to land massive i3 orders on the business/commercial side.  Rather, the automaker says the i3 will make a statement for the companies that purchase one, or maybe even a few.

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I’m still waiting to see an actual production version that doesn’t have all of the camouflage on it. I’d also like to see some interior shots of the instrument cluster.

I’m hoping that BMW will offer some good leasing terms to the general public also. This car is really trick. The more I read about it the more I like it…..but I’ll bet BMW will price it at 49000$ without the range extender.

Our guess is that, without the range extender, it’ll come in at $39,895 after the $7,500 federal incentive. But that’ll be a base i3. Options will easily add $5,000-plus to that figure.

The price has already killed this car.

I have never spent half this much on a vehicle. But, since it is the first serous attempt at a car since the 2CV, I may have to buy one as my last car.

Won’t sell that well. not great looks and relatively small. What businesses are they targeting? Incentive rich European countries?