BMW Teases “The Revolution In The Street” – Performance BMW i3? – Video


BMW releases a teaser video of a car that will be unveiled on August 4th. Under the title “Revolution In The Street”, the teaser video seems to hint at a variant of the BMW i3.

The footage was shot through Munich Center, another indication that this could be a city car, or Megacity car as BMW used to call the i3.

Interesting is the fact that the car in the video sounds sportier than the full electric i3 and even louder than the two-cylinder-powered i3 REx.

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We believe that a variant of the BMW i3 with a more powerful gasoline engine is unlikely so we’re in the dark so far at what to expect.

What do you think? Is it a BMW i3?  Or a different model, possibly even a new series?

UPDATE:  Click here to see what ultimately was unveiled

i3-ish Wheel and Tire Combo, Right?

i3-ish Wheel and Tire Combo, Right?

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8 responses to "BMW Teases “The Revolution In The Street” – Performance BMW i3? – Video"
  1. David Murray says:

    Definitely doesn’t “sound” like an electric car of any sort. It seems to have a transmission and lots of gears. At the same time, the car is obviously not moving any faster than any of the other cars on the road, despite the dubbed-in sound effects.

  2. Dude says:

    i5, fingers crossed. 3-cylinder, sporty 5-series successor.

  3. Jojo says:

    Well it most certainly is an i3 thats being filmed. I am curious about all these sound effects though! I am not familiar with motorcycle engines, but I have always heard that BMW engines are very smooth – and this sounds like the i8 on full tap.

    And with all that gear changing, I am even more confused since the little i3 we currently know and love utilizes a single speed box.

    Whatever it is should be very interesting!

  4. canopy says:

    Because the fender sure we can affirm that is a new front wheel drive BMW – otherwise BMW would show the rear wheel in the recording. A small BMW using the Mini platform? I prefer not to imagine…

  5. James says:

    Hello? You guys may be delusional…

    Here’s the car – it’s not motivated by anything electric. It’s BMW’s first vehicle on it’s FWD “econo BMW ICE platform” also shared with the Mini Hatchback. 3 Cyl. and various and sundry ICE iterations 9 ( In fact, BMW plans FORTY versions on this platform – their new “global” car! ) You can name the usual suspects: AWD, diesel, turbo diesel, turbo 3 cyl., ….NO ELECTRIC, GUYS! If you’re lucky, you can salivate over some CFRP components…HAHA…You BMW guys crack me up!


    Slow news day —

    And Jojo assumes we all “know and love” the i3. Evidently haven’t read any of my posts…lol.

    What I like about i3 is that it is electric. I like the airy, Euro mod Apartment interior, also it only seats 4. I like the control interfaces quite a bit. Pretty much all else is pret-ty sad – especially for all the work BMW put into it.

    As before, I have to remind you what BMW’s CEO and top executives said about i3. They said no new i Series cars for the foreseeable future, just i3 and i8. Both cars miss any mass appeal, and pretty much were testbeds for CFRP and answers to Euro and worldwide no emissions zones – CFRP, which is not, “CARBON FIBER” – the misquote of the age, it seems. It’s molded plastic with a veneer of carbon fiber. This material is interesting as it’s more economical for BMW to produce and it should rival aluminum in future, lighter ICE cars they make. If BMW can make enough CFRP component for their “Sports Activity Vehicles” and all other ICE gas pigs… It’ll lower the cost of the material and result in better MPG across their very thirsty product line.

    Where you BMW guys get duped is that CFRP makes i3 cheaper for BMW to build, not less expensive FOR YOU TO BUY – got it? It allows just another ( yawn ) 80 mile BEV with a lot smaller battery pack for BMW to buy!-Ligher = less battery pack to achieve 80 miles, got it?

    BMW fans here laud i3 as a “premium” product, thus worth the $46-56,000 a very few
    people are paying for them. But still, nobody has convinced me of it’s value over a LEAF.

    Go ahead, try…I’m listening.
    BMW Blog or any fansite will be spinning ANYTING the propeller logo boys from Munich make. But the i3 just falls so short of a
    mainstream car that will sell in any large numbers to be considered significant.

    1. James says:

      Oops – forgot the link:

      Here’s the car in the video teaser:

      There’ll be a “hot hatch” version – so might be that one. It’s pure ICE and FWD! ( A FWD BMW?!!! ) BMW hasn’t committed to selling the Active Tourer 2 Series in the United States yet. but speculation is that if they do, it’ll reach here 2015-2016.

      1. Pete Repete says:

        this is not the wing for a 2-active tourer, besides, that car has been out for a while and tested by various German magazines.. its something else. Pretty sure the sound has got nothing to do with the actual car – sounds like an inline 6 to me, but then, I could be wrong.

        BTW, the 2 active tourer is coming as a plug in next year, but I’m not sure you’ll get it Stateside of the Pond

  6. It absolute nothing new, just a new add for the i3.