BMW Teases Pure Electric Zinoro SUV


Zinoro Logo at Bottom Center

Zinoro Logo at Bottom Center

Set to debut next week at the Shanghai Auto Show in China, this BMW-Brilliance Zinoro Concept Next teaser shows us what appears to be a BMW X3-based pure electric SUV.

We do know for certain that Concept Next features an electric powertrain, though no specific details have been released.

Concept Next follows Zinoro’s first car, a pure electric BMW X1-based vehicle called the Zinoro 1E EV.

We hope to have more details to bring you on Concept Next following its Shanghai debut next week.

Source: Car News China

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So I guess the big question for me is will it have a range of 200+ miles.

If this is a SUV, then it would probably need 80kWH of battery.

Never mind. Went to the linky and see “the Zinoro 1E has a reported range of 93 miles”.


You would be surprised how much city fold like SUVs in my country.

While 93miles wont ko competition the way Tesla did with S…
But it will be more then enough for those that SUV is primary city car.

More important factor would be how big a push it will have for selling it everywhere and in big quantities.

Damn, Tesla . . . you should have just gone with normal doors for the Model X so it would be out there already. I hope you have a normal door version in the works in the background.

Because of X, Model III has a much better chance of not being too late to market, nor too weird for consumers to buy it.

The electrified X-1 will get less than 100 miles range. No big threat to Tesla.

Unless it get’s a rex i3 style.

More SUVs…rubbish!!

Maybe the Model X will prove the inefficient gas guzzler SUV stigma wrong. Hopefully SUV lovers will get their EV cake and can eat it too! 🙂 It’s valuable to convert compact car drivers over to EVs, but the real GHG wins will be when electified SUVs and trucks sell in volumes.

Producing enough batteries, and solar panels to build and power a 300+ Wh/mile vehicle is not going to reduce GHG.

Producing the batteries and PV panels will increase GHG in the short run, and the short run is all the time we have to reduce emissions. We will need those batteries and PV panels for necessary energy for agricultural, and medical needs. Wasting it trying to hang onto the suburban drive-thru culture is foolhardy.