BMW Teases More Of The i8; Asks For Your Favorite Color


Unlike most plug-in vehicles today, the BMW i8 is one good looking EV, and BMW knows it.

Sophisto Grey - Case Closed

Sophisto Grey – Case Closed

How can we tell?  They keep teasing us with questions like:

Which is your favorite?#bmw#i8

1. Sophisto Grey
2. Protonic Blue
3. Ionic Silver
4. Crystal White

We are partial to Sophisto Grey, but we would not mind seeing a red added to the lineup in the future.

Although to be fair, Julian Schroeder got some real nice pics of the i8 in Protonic Blue; so we could be wrong in choosing the grey (gallery below)

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7 responses to "BMW Teases More Of The i8; Asks For Your Favorite Color"
  1. Red HHR. says:

    Nice looking car, it would look pretty good in red, or gold.

  2. Dan Frederiksen says:

    Is that supposed to make us forget that it’s a slow overpriced gasser? 🙂

  3. Rick says:

    I’m not sure is nicer that my Jag XKR.

    1. EV says:

      i think if it pulled up next to your car all eyes would be on it

      1. Benjamin says:

        I agree but the interior on the jag is better.

  4. vdiv says:

    Why not have these colors on the i3?

    Whatever happened to “green” cars? (maybe this comment is more appropriate for that other EV website 🙂

  5. ModernMarvelFan says:

    First one is cool…