BMW Teases More Of The i8; Asks For Your Favorite Color

OCT 12 2013 BY JAY COLE 7

Unlike most plug-in vehicles today, the BMW i8 is one good looking EV, and BMW knows it.

Sophisto Grey - Case Closed

Sophisto Grey – Case Closed

How can we tell?  They keep teasing us with questions like:

Which is your favorite?#bmw#i8

1. Sophisto Grey
2. Protonic Blue
3. Ionic Silver
4. Crystal White

We are partial to Sophisto Grey, but we would not mind seeing a red added to the lineup in the future.

Although to be fair, Julian Schroeder got some real nice pics of the i8 in Protonic Blue; so we could be wrong in choosing the grey (gallery below)

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7 Comments on "BMW Teases More Of The i8; Asks For Your Favorite Color"

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Nice looking car, it would look pretty good in red, or gold.

Is that supposed to make us forget that it’s a slow overpriced gasser? 🙂

I’m not sure is nicer that my Jag XKR.

i think if it pulled up next to your car all eyes would be on it

I agree but the interior on the jag is better.

Why not have these colors on the i3?

Whatever happened to “green” cars? (maybe this comment is more appropriate for that other EV website 🙂

First one is cool…