UPDATE: BMW Teases Vision iNext, Plus Shows Off Design Process


This might actually give us a hint at the possible future BMW all-electric four-door coupe

***UPDATE: New teaser video just released by BMW. Posted directly below:

For BMW, the future is almost here. The German car brands have adamantly teased us with their iNEXT concept for a long time, and it seems we’re finally closer to an actual production model of it hitting the road. The latest iNEXT teaser gives us a compelling, albeit short showcase of the design process behind it. The new teaser, however, gives us a rather compelling view of the what can easily be a brand new BMW Vision iNEXT Concept car. To make matters even more captivating is that this seems to be far the closest design to a production car we’ve seen from any Vision Concept releases so far.

Although only 11 seconds long, the video does reveal some finer details found on this vehicle. When the entire rear end is shown, we can clearly see the incredibly thin “L shaped” LED rear lights, seemingly pulsing outward. Furthermore, two squared off, blue-lit notches are found near the bottom end of the rear bumper – a place where normally, a set of double or quad exhaust pipes would find its home. This might seemingly be a perfect nod to the fact that this would-be vehicle doesn’t come with any sort of exhaust system. In turn, this means that this could be a fully electric vehicle after all.

However, the most notable aspect found in this video is a blue-lit “BMW Vision iNEXT” logo in the rear bumper of the vehicle. Quite clearly, this marks this vehicle as a concept car, not a vehicle that’s set to enter production anytime soon. On the other hand, with all the finer touches & details, this might (eventually) result in something that is mass produced by the German car maker.

Hopefully, the Vision iNEXT would return something that looks and handles like a proper BMW – but is fully battery-powered. With rumors floating around, we’re keen on believing that this might return a 2+2 four-door coupe someplace down the road. Hopefully, something that looks like as spectacular as BMW i8 did upon release, but with improved handling & performance. Something in the way of the upcoming BMW M8, but fully electric. If that happens, the next few years, in turn – at least for BMW – do look pretty exciting.

Until then, you can take a look at the teaser video above.

We’ve dropped in a couple of other iNext videos below too:

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Another company that didn’t get the memo blue lighting is so last decade.

I also worry about any company that’s happy to be associated with Lufthansa.

At least it’s another EV on the way. Guess We should be happy.

I think this is closer to a prototype than a vision. 3 more years to wait so I’m sure it will end up as an amazing car, not something made in a hurry like certain other manufacturers…

I guess they are showing iNext to show everyone that other manufacturers have lots of things to do if they plan to compete with iNext in 2020. BMW said that it will be their first car to complete their vision of future EV. Level 5 autonomous driving, new battery tech etc.

Rear end looks very clean design. Like it.

Yeah, looks very good, both from behind and side. Note sure about the front, but let’s wait and see it in full 🙂

0:01 It seems to be SUV/SAV.

It is an SUV, about the same size as X5.