BMW Teams With Schneider Electric for i3 Residential Charger Installs in UK

AUG 19 2013 BY STAFF 4

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“BMW i continues to forge ahead with the introduction of customer-friendly electromobility services in the UK, forming a partnership with Schneider Electric. The partnership sees Schneider Electric become, not only the manufacturer of the BMW i Wallbox, but also the recommended installer.”

The BMW i Wallbox is claimed to be able to charge to 80% the i3 or i8 in a flash.  For the i3, the Wallbox should accomplish the task in around 3 hours, while the i8 can be charged up in less than two hours using the Wallbox.

“The BMW i Wallbox will enable owners in the UK to charge their BMW i3 at up to 7.4kW from zero to 80 per cent within three hours, and on to a full charge within four hours.”

There are only two other points of interest within BMW’s press release on this Schnieder-Wallbox topic:

“The BMW i3 is the first electric vehicle on the market to be purpose-designed to work with a specially developed home charging unit from the outset.”

 “As part of a £37 million package of investment in electric vehicles in the UK, the government offers a 75 per cent grant for the provision of domestic charging points.  This subsidy applies to the BMW i Wallbox, bringing the installed cost down to £315 incl. VAT.”

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Good deal! Schneider is one of the first to get ready for the Universal EV Combined Charging System, known at SAE Combo Charger in the states, while Europe begins the sunset of the Japanese standard by 2018.

So, seeing as this is for UK consumption, is the plug a Mennekes plug? Is it therefore 380 volts? Just wondering if it would work unchanged in North America.

I have just received a Schneider Electric quotation for installation of a domestic electric vehicle charging point to install my new BMW i3 – which is due to arrive in 2 weeks time. Why does Schneider Electric want to charge me £6,106 to fit a BMWi Wallbox Pure when the BMW website states: “The BMW i Wallbox Pure is £315.00 fitted and includes survey, standard installation, VAT”? I am not a happy customer!

Ouch! Do you live currently live in a castle that does not have power? That’s a crazy quote.