BMW Targets 100,000 Plug-In Vehicle Sales In 2017


2017 BMW i3

2017 BMW i3

BMW has more plug-in vehicles offerings than any other automaker in the world (yes, the majority are short electric range PHEVs), but the German automaker hasn’t been too thrilled by the total sales volumes of most of these¬†plug-ins to date.

BMW 330e iPerformance

BMW 330e iPerformance

However, BMW CEO Harald Krueger says that sales have steadily risen as more of its plug-ins come to market, and suggests that 2017 will be a breakout year for the automaker’s plug-in sales around the world.

In fact, Krueger predicts that BMW will sell 100,000 plug-in vehicles in 2017 alone.

If achieved, that figure is approximately equal to the total amount of plug-ins BMW has sold worldwide in the last three years combined. That’s quite a substantial amount of growth in the segment…eh?

BMW’s longer term goal is to have its plug-in vehicles sales fall¬†between 15 and 25% of its global sales annually by 2025. In 2016, BMW sold 2.25 million vehicles globally, so you can do the simple math to figure out what the general target for plug-ins is at BMW over the coming years.

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Surely they can do better than that. It only comes to about 10% of their total sales.
Or maybe they aren’t really interested….

BMW has more PHEV’s than most manufactures do.

I’d say they are on a great path thus far.

Yeah, its too bad that those PHEVs have such pathetically small batteries.

But the good news is that can be (and will be IMHO) easily remedied.

What is 10% of their sales?

It says 15-25% in 2025 and 100 000 in 2017 is ~4% (about 2,5 million sales in total).

4% is higher than almost everyone else of the traditional car makers.

More will come and fast. But it’s the other ones that need to step up to catch BMW.

From the article it says BMW long term aims are 15 -25% of their total sales. The 100000 sales target is for 2017

Only 10%? If it were 10%, that would be a very good number!

Although unless I’m mistaken, 100,000 would actually be less than 5%.

But still, that would be higher than most automakers if they can achieve this goal next year.

Kim Conrad Jorgensen said:

“Surely they can do better than that. It only comes to about 10% of their total sales.”

10% puts BMW far ahead of any other legacy auto maker, doesn’t it? Let’s remember that worldwide, PEVs (Plug-in EVs) are less than 2% of all new car sales. I seem to recall another auto maker praised for a mere 4% of its sales being PEVs.

I think BMW deserves praise for its efforts to market PEVs, even if many of them are short-ranged PHEVs.

BMW i3 just made Consumer Reports “Recommended” list!!!

Bring the 2er and 3er line full-on BEV and BMW will sell a ton.

And more range on the the PHEV’s…!

Boost the i3 to 200 miles and they will easily get there, perhaps several times over



Not everyone wants to drive a small odd looking city car with a trunk so small a grocery bag is so tall that the cargo cover is in the way and crushes said groceries.

And CCS is many many years behind CHAdeMO.

The i3 already sells pretty well despite being much more expensive than other cars of the same type. Boosting the range would likely push many more over the edge to buy

The trunk is actually far more versatile than a Tesla model 3’s when you think of how you would practically use a trunk. My 110 pound dog fits back there without needing to put the seats down. In fact, I had an early # model 3 reservation that I ended up cancelling after looking at the trunk. The i3 has many flaws and is not a perfect car. Its trunk is not one of them.

I think they can do if they make a plug-in that is not way too expensive, a weirdmobile, or an underbatteried PHEV.

That said, BMW is the success story as far as Germany plug-ins go.

What EV’s are BMW going to be selling in China in 2017?

China is having an EV sales boom dwarfing the EU and North American market. If BMW has strong China offerings, they could do a lot of sales there.