BMW Spokesman: “Our Cadence Will Be About One (Plug-In) Per Quarter


BMW X5 xDrive40e

BMW X5 xDrive40e

Over the next few years, BMW plans to launch, on average, one plug-in vehicle per quarter.

Quoting Richard Steinberg, spokesman for BMW’s North American electrification division:

“Our cadence will be about one (plug-in variant) per quarter. Proud i3 owners can go full electric in all vehicle classes.”

The second half of his statement comes off a little odd, but the first half of his comment is promising.

In Q4 of 2015, BMW launched the X5 xDrive40e, a plug-in hybrid SUV. Next up is the BMW 330e, a plug-in hybrid sedan that’s set for launch in the U.S. during Q1 2016. After that we’ll see the 7-Series PHEV sometimes this Summer, which will be follow by numerous other PHEV BMWs at a cadence of approximately one per quarter until the entire lineup is electrified.

Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst with Edmunds, stated:

“BMW, as a performance brand, had to increase fuel efficiency in the U.S. and other places. There are not many large vehicles like the X5 that are plug-ins. BMW is consistent with how they will have plug-ins — a clear strategy that is not confusing to consumers.”

“Part of a large-scale project like BMW’s is having economies of scale with not much price premium. They must figure out how to differentiate with good attributes and value.”

Meanwhile, Steinberg notes that BMW’s future PHEVs will need more electric range:

“At this point, we’re going with relatively small gasoline engines and hybrid systems that provide 13-20 miles all-electric range. It’s appropriate for current customers, but there’s understanding this needs to grow.”

It seems BMW understands that we desire a lot of electric range and plans to deliver that in future PHEV models.

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And one additional PHEV KWh, per year. 😉

So, BMW’s offer “full electric”, according to Steinberg, whenever you buy their PHEVs. Wow, they must really have things figured out.

“Our cadence will be about one (plug-in variant) per quarter. Proud i3 owners can go full electric in all vehicle classes.”

They understand their i3 customers so well… How are they so perceptive? ;P

Probably something to do with this… ;o)

Ya Think? Good One!

Where is the chart showing the impact of i3 sales on the Model S? 🙂

Love it!

7 series is a tiny part of BMW’s vehicle sales in the US which totalled almost 350,000 last year. Tesla is still only a small fraction compared to that.

TOTAL SALES BMW of North America, LLC

404,537 (2015), 395,850 (2014), INCREASED 2.2%

They must be CHOKING in view of these cheap gas prices.

Talk Tak Talk tak Spyken zii duchen Yaaa….Hungawa Zimba!……..Who Cares Any Way!

My interpretation of the second sentence is that, with the exception of the i3, BMW will be building primarily PHEVs, until further notice. In other words, building a BEV in more than an economy class (Spark EV) or compact class (Bolt, Leaf, FFE, etc) isn’t on their agenda. I guess they are playing conservative and avoiding challenging the Mission-E, Budd-E, and Tesla Motors strategies.

Puts BMW in the ranks of Chrysler with their Pacifica-e, in my book: still needs oil changes and the burny stuff.

” In other words, building a BEV in more than an economy class (Spark EV) or compact class (Bolt, Leaf, FFE, etc) isn’t on their agenda.”

They also have the MINI brand for these segments – in addition to the BMW 1 series.

Maybe so, but part of the i3 charm is it’s the MOST EFFICIENT electric/hybrid on the market.

You can’t get those numbers any other way.

We should see those news of that coming army of small batteries PHEV’s from various Euro brands as rather positive in terms of Kwh of li-ion batteries this will require. It will push li-ion batteries and other EV components prices down while production capacity is building up.

The home page of this site currently has articles on 4 long range BEVs !!

– Porsche Mission-e (ok, in 2020, probably small numbers…)
– Mercedes working on his first (of 4) LR-BEV (new acronym…)
– Opel Ampera-E
– TESLA MODEL III (stands out…)

And of course many more are in the works…

As Mercedes have changed their mind (somewhat recently), so I’m sure BMW have in reality secretly changed theirs or will soon change them.

I cannot believe they will leave the LR-BEV market to Tesla, Audi and Mercedes (especially).

Let’s keep in mind that soon (likely starting next year) 150 kW CCS chargers (next gen) will be deployed in Europe (at least).
That changes everything, I believe.
Together with the fact that – at 3-Series (or higher) level – LR-BEVs will be competitive with gas-guzzlers.

Interesting times ahead!!

The cadence at BMW? It’s a March:

Ratting about looking for my black suit…

I hope they can deliver. The PHEV trim level should be an option on every line of cars in the near term. With range determined by how much money it costs to be price competitive.

In BMW’s home region of Europe, that the price should be tiered something like this:

Lowest: Cheap small gas engine
Middle: Customer’s choice between a PHEV or moderately powerful diesel at nearly the same price.
Highest: Performance model.