BMW Sold More Than 7,300 Plug-In Vehicles In May, Up 73%

JUN 18 2017 BY MARK KANE 8

BMW i + iPerformance sales worldwide – May 2017

BMW increased sales of its plug-in electric vehicles in May by 73.4% to 7,336 new deliveries. Year-to-date, total plug-in deliveries stands at 33,221 (up 80.6%).

BMW 330e (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Comparing the e-sales to general BMW car sales, the plug-in share of the whole stands at more than 4.1%.

This month, the BMW Group launched the new MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid.

“Customer demand for automobiles with alternative drive trains continues to evolve in an extremely dynamic way: Sales of BMW i and BMW iPerformance models increased by 73.4% in May (7,336 vehicles). Year-to-date deliveries of electrified models reached 33,221, up 80.6%. Among other factors, this strong growth is driven by the BMW 530e iPerformance, which has been available since March. Beginning in late June, the MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid will expand the product line-up of electrified vehicles.”

Dr Ian Robertson, BMW AG Management Board Member responsible for Sales and Brand BMW said:

“Customers around the world are excited by our innovative, new products. In May, we once again achieved sustainable, profitable growth across our three premium automotive brands, as well as at BMW Motorrad,” he continued. “Growth at BMW has been in part driven by our expanding electrified range – sales of these vehicles have risen over 80% in the first five months. With eight models, the BMW Group offers its customers the broadest range of electrified premium vehicles available on the market today.”

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David Murray

While I applaud them.. Few automakers can boast 4% of their sales having a plug on it. However, they are going to need to up their game soon. The Model-3 will be eating their lunch pretty soon. BMW needs a pure electric or at least a strong PHEV to compete. The only vehicle they have that can give a true EV driving experience is the i3 and it isn’t the answer to the Model 3. If they like PHEVs then they need one with 50+ miles of EV range that can give the driver the EV experience.


Can any other major OEM, selling more than one million cars a year, boast 4%? GM would need to sell about 30k per month to have 4% plug ins.

And a 80% growth is pretty impressive as well…

Micke Larsson

Not a million per year, but if you take it down to half a million then you have Volvo at a higher percentage.

And of course BYD in China.


I agree they need more range, but I like their approach personally. I imagine most people who own BMWs have access to a garage for charging.

Even just 14 miles of EV range makes the cars far more efficient. And the plug-in options don’t significantly sacrifice performance or usable space.

I think if they can up this to a 25 or 30 mile range, that is all they need to stay competitive.

They may be getting more luxury competition in the PHEV space if the Cadillac XT5 does in fact have a plug-in variant coming for next year. Spy shots indicate it will. I sure hope so, because we need more PHEV SUV options.


*ding ding ding* we have a winner. BMW is not trying to sell the cheapest car.


BMW are electrifying their range, Tesla must hit their production commitments before they are dining on anyone else! BMW are actually committed to a 50% increase in sales volume on top of their current record. I believe both companies will have EV 3’s, they seem like different segments to me – I’ve owned a BMW, am not going on a 400,000 wait list for a Tesla. Maybe I’ll just put batteries in an old 5 Series!


It is good to be BMW: No need for them to re-engineer their plug-in cars. All they need to do is drop in the newest battery tech into the existing battery bay every two years or so and their models get better and better.


Congrats BMW, it is a game changer!