BMW Shows Off Last-Mile Concept Link Electric Scooter


The stylish two-wheeler comes with an adjustable seat bench and a sliding door.

Cities are getting more and more congested with each passing day and it’s now harder than ever to reach your destination using a car in a timely manner because of the gridlocks. One solution would be to buy a scooter or a motorcycle since these are considerably easier to maneuver on the crowded streets of the urban jungle. However, these aren’t nearly as practical as a car. This is where the new Concept Link from BMW Motorrad comes into play.

It aims to provide the agility of a motorcycle with some of the convenience only a car can offer. Entirely electric, the study adopts a stretched body featuring a completely new styling language from BMW’s motorcycle division. Hopping onto the seat bench is very easy to do considering the body finished in Liquid Metal Titanium sits quite low and the overall height is reduced.

Speaking of the seat bench, it can be adjusted lengthwise depending on what you need: purely a one-seater, an extended bench capable of holding two people, or anything in-between to further boost functionality. Underneath it resides a generous storage compartment mounted in the center and easily accessible thanks to the sliding door. The stylish two-wheeler comes with an adjustable seat bench and a sliding door.

If you’re wondering what’s with the contrasting orange cables, these serve the purpose of connecting the batteries mounted in the underfloor with the electric drive located on the right side.

BMW Motorrad has envisaged the Concept Link with plenty of customization options, including a multitude of colors for the side panels and different designs for the windshields. The design study takes inspiration from the Vision NEXT 100 unveiled back in October 2016 to show the potential of the company’s motorcycle arm in the following 100 years.

It doesn’t come with a conventional instrument cluster as all the relevant data — such as speed, battery information, and navigation — is being projected straight onto the windshield. With the information being shown directly into the rider’s field of vision, it means there are fewer distractions and consequently a reduced crash risk.

Below the handlebars sits a touch-sensitive panel providing additional information and granting access to the numerous functions available. The rider uses the touch-enabled programmable buttons on the handlebars to manage the controls, so he won’t have to take his hands off the handlebars at all while adjusting the infotainment system.

As it was the case with the Vision NEXT 100, the Concept Link won’t go into production. However, it does show how BMW Motorrad sees the future of two-wheel transportation around town. It’s being showcased these days at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017 where it’s sharing the spotlight with the new BMW 8 Series concept.

BMW Concept Link

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“Doors”? “Windshields”? This thing is a scooter – it doesn’t/shouldn’t have those items.

I would think a “last-mile” solution would be able to fit in your car so you can get close to where you want to go and use this new thing for the “last-mile”.

Like my electric skateboard with a 12 mile range. Fast, fun, and easy to carry. I can easily lock it to a bike rack also.

+1 I was just thinking the same thing.

What about 1st mile integration? Do you leave it somewhere? Does it fit into a car, or do you live within that last mile?

I bike the last 3, of 20. Tesla hatch is awesome. I cant see an electric scooter doing the same job.

This is in NO WAY a “last mile” scooter.

A last miles scooter fits in the trunk or hatch and unfolds to get you from the parking lot to the venue, or to the shop or office from outlying parking. Thus, the “last mile” label.

Click here to see a MADE IN USA electric scooter available with lead acid ( budget ) to li ion or LIFEPO battery options for a true last mile rig. I have one and swear by it. The ESR750H model has shocks front and rear to soften those cracks in sidewalk and road.

This concept scooter is a joke.

“This concept scooter is a joke.”

Indeed. So is using words like “door” and “windshield” to describe it, since it has neither.

That unpadded seat looks very uncomfortable, too.

In fact, this “article” reads very much like it’s written as an advertisement, not objective news coverage.

* or from bus to work – but you get the drift.

Neat little scoots can be the cats meow to get you from your EV charging spot or Supercharger to work or to your apt./condo, etc. too!

Go electric!

Here’s the video I forgot to share.

I love the way he uses the seat option inside the market

it’s a stand up scooter but the seat is an option.

I desagree with anybody here.I think that this concept is cool (obviously it’s a concept , so the real thing will be more realistic) , but here in Europe we are waiting for an electric yamaha tmax equivalent.