BMW Sets Lease Price On i3 At $565 In The UK (£369) – Priced from £25,680

JUL 22 2013 BY JAY COLE 7

BMW i3 Offered For Lease In The UK From £369/month

BMW i3 Offered For Lease In The UK From £369/month

Unlike in the US, where BMW has just set the price of its all new electric vehicle, the i3 at $41,350 (+925 destination), in the UK Bimmer has tagged both the sale price and the lease offer – which should give us some insight into the future US lease deal.

BMW i3 In Light Camo Goes Out For A Spin

BMW i3 In Light Camo Goes Out For A Spin

In the UK, the i3 retails at £25,680 or $39,325 in USD – which also includes the local government’s £5,000 ($7,650 USD) instant grant program.  Leases are offered starting from –  £369 or $565 US dollars.

As for the fine print, we will let BMW explain:

“Customers entering into an agreement for an all-electrically powered  BMW i3 can embark on a world of electric motoring by signing up to a  36 month contract and paying an initial £2,995 incl. VAT ($4,590 USD)  followed  by monthly payments of £369 (incl. VAT) and contract mileage of 24,000miles”

In the absence of a leasing announcement for the US, and using the rough “apples-to-apples” comparison between the US all-in price of $34,775 ($42,275 – $7,500) and the UK final price £25,680, that would give us a US lease offer of about $499/month.

We imagine BMW knows it likely has to be a little more aggressive with leasing here in the US to be successful – perhaps a $399/month with $2,999 down offer?

First deliveries in the UK are expected in November.

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An out the door $499/mo lease deal (TTL included) would be a great price on this car. The 24k miles for 36 months would be a big problem in the US though.

That’s a “horrible” price for a car that won’t convert someone from a BMW 3-series over. It is also quite a bit more than other EVs like Leafs and Volts. I’d avoid this one at this price. My Volt is substantially cheaper and “just as good” in terms of utility. So, it is overpriced for BMW afficianados like Apple products are for Apple fans.

3 year lease with only 24,000 miles? Granted, I only put around 8,000 miles/year on my cars, but that’s cutting it too close. Most Americans put 12,000 miles/year on their cars.

Start with a price of £25,680. Subtract the lease down payment of £2,995, and you’re at £22,685. Monthly payments for three years of £369 bring you down to a residual of £9401. Are they not expecting much from this vehicle?

Unlimited miles with that lease and it’s a deal!

Tesla’s going to slaughter this thing if they have there generation 3 come out at this price range.

But we don’t know what Gen-3 pricing will be for quite some time. I hope they pull it off.

At the time the gen3 comes out, the I3 will be updated as well.