BMW Sells Only 7 i3s to “Private” Buyers in Germany in 2013


Note Both BMW i3 and Renault Zoe Sales

Note Both BMW i3 and Renault Zoe Sales

The numbers are in and here’s what they tell us in terms of initial BMW i3 sales in Germany: “private” individuals bought only 7 i3s in 2013.

It Seems Most All of BMW i3 Production is Going to Fleets and Dealers as Demo Vehicles

It Seems Most All of BMW i3 Production is Going to Fleets and Dealers as Demo Vehicles

Or, 7.26 i3, to be exact.

Since launching in Germany (this chart shows July 2013 as the month for first recorded i3 sales in Germany, likely dealer demos), sales of the BMW i3 have totaled 559 units.  Of those 559 unit, 98.7% went to commercial buyers (fleets, dealer demos, car sharing, government, small business purchases, etc.).

That leaves only 1.3% for “private” buyers, which means that private sales of the i3 checked in at 7.26 units in 2013—a figure we have to round down to 7.

As tipster Zoe-Driver points out:

“Compare it with ZOE, 1,019 sold [in 2013] and 29.8% or 304 units to private persons.”

Why are i3 sales seemingly restricted to the commercial sector?  Price.

The highest selling EV in Germany is the Smart Fortwo ED.  It’s long been on top of the sales charts there.  Any guesses as to why? Price.  Or rather, its low price.

In general, German buyers aren’t willing to pay a premium price for an EV and with purchase subsidies in Germany lacking, it seems unlikely that any EV will ever appeal, in mass, to private buyers in Germany.

Hat tip to Zoe-Driver!!!

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Note that in Germany “private buyers” do not include leases.

I’d say that it’s too early to tell, since the current manufacturing rate is quite low. See you in a year.

I agree. It’s too early to judge about i3 sales in Germany. If you order now delivery will be in automn. I ordered in December with a reservation code supposedly saving two months and got a delivery date in April.
Elsewhere it was told that the car is hardly seen in dealers’ showrooms which is true, because only bmw owned branches in bigger cities sell it. I ordered the i3 online and will get the car at the next available branch that bmw marketing calls agent75 miles away from where I live.

When you look at the number of december only you can see, that 5 of those 7 private cars are sold in december 2013. So it’s rising?

I see no evidence that the problem is “Production Constraints”. I see, “Demand Failure.”

Adverse issues of design, range, pricing and extravagant claims, have turned potential buyers
attention to other cars. Tesla S, Chevy Volt, and Nissan Leaf, offer buyers the qualities they want at levels of cost that they can afford or as some would say, “the car I have chosen offers real value!” Or, as you suggest, the Smart fortwo ED is irresistably priced by comparison.
BMW simply over promised and failed to deliver. Now all they are producing to meet non existent demand is “Publicity”
With dealerships all over the world, their need for demonstrators will satisfy the claim of sales expectations of perhaps 2,000 this year.
We who loved our Active-E, a real car based on the 1 Series BMW, expected so much more than this plastic golf cart that looks like a Prius was driven into a wall and Viola’, instead of repairing the damage, just apply kidney grills and plastic parts, welcome to the new BMW i3!
It is so much cheaper in every way BUT price!

After you try one, you will not consider it to be “It is so much cheaper in every way BUT price!”

Believe me!

This car is amazing! And it gives you really a Premium fealling. Is very well Built!
I would only change the non-sense coach doors into regular ones, or sliding doors, and maybe make the Trunk a little more deep.
Regarding design, yes its odd design, but after a while it will grow on you and you start to really appreciate it.

After testing it, I really wanted to buy it.
Why didn’t I bought it? Because in Portugal we are in Crisis, our taxes are really high, and our confidence in economy and work is very low.
Meanning, there’s too many insecurity factors, that won’t allow me to spend money llike before.

I was excited to consider leasing this car but BMW simply priced this car too high. The price to value ratio is way off for me to even consider this car. I will wait for the Mercedes EV for my next EV. My target for a lease will be $500 per month including taxes with 2k out of pocket and 13,500 miles per year. Currently driving Ford Focus EV we leased June 2013 for $200 per month (including taxes) 3k out of pocket and 13,500 miles per year. Charging it with a home solar system.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Indeed, for that money I want at least 40kWh in the battery.

It will be interesting to see how Mercedes Benz prices the B Class EV. Estimates are that it will be $40-45k. Will they offer discounted leases? Are they going to be compliance only? Also, BMW has not released official lease prices/details yet. If you are purchasing, I would guess both cars will be very similar in price.