BMW Sells Nearly 35,000 EVs So Far In 2016: iPerformance Brand Now Leads i3/i8 Sales

SEP 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 15

BMW has now sold 34,664 plug-ins globally though the end of August for 2016, which makes up 2.3% of total ~1.5 million vehicles moved by the German automaker.

BMW 740Le xDrive iPerformance

BMW 740Le xDrive iPerformance

That plug-in total already surpasses the net amount for all of 2015.

In the case of BMW, there are two types of plug-ins – dedicated models (under the BMW i brand) and plug-in hybrid versions of conventional cars (under the BMW iPerformance brand).

Interestingly,the BMW iPerformance group has now outsold the dedicated i brand so far in 2016:

  • BMW iPerformance – 17,809
  • BMW i – 16,855

Although we have to believe that this lead will be very short lived. After the launch of the BMW i3 with longer-range (thanks to a 33 kWh battery), sales of this model jumped 73.2% in its first partial month on the global market – with 2,848 sold in August along.

Of note: The 2017 BMW i3 REx (33 kWh) model recently arrived in the US and was rated at 180 total miles of range (97 of them being all-electric) – details here.  While the all-electric version of the i3 was earlier rated at 114 miles of all-electric range – details here.

All-time BMW i brand sales (i3 + i8) recently passed 65,000 all-time.

“Sales of BMW’s electrified models remain strong, especially in Europe. Combined global sales of BMW i and BMW iPerformance vehicles are already higher than the 2015 total with 34,664 electrified vehicles delivered to customers so far this year.

Of this, 17,809 were BMW iPerformance vehicles and 16,855 were BMW i vehicles. The BMW i3, which in July launched an additional model with significantly increased electric range, was delivered to 2,848 customers worldwide in August, an increase of 73.2% compared with the same month last year.”

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Sales of the i3 will probably be pretty bad this month since there is virually no stock thanks to the fire sale of the previous two months. We will probably have to wait another month or two to see how sales will really be on the new model.

And then the Bolt hits and what was the i3 new model will seem old in comparison. Hope they have a quick plan for 50kWh or larger.

Yeah, I really don’t see why one would get the i3 other than the BMW badge. It performs similar but more expensive and much shorter electric range than Bolt. What other reason is there for i3? RWD?

RWD – yes

Ride quality
Build quality

As the i3 starts to pay its enormous development bill and Samsung battery tech continues to improve, BMW should be well positioned with the i3 and versatility of the chassis/design.

All is right but with capacity shortage considering other new coming EV’s , people start thinking twice before buying an i3.
I’ve cancel my order and I’m going to wait for more two month for a full range of EV’s from 45kwh to 60kwh

Sell all you can before Bolt is available

“Although we have to believe that this lead will be very short lived. … ”

I dunno for those across the pond.

The 330e is a no compromise 3 series that has some strong european tax advantages and won’t use a lot of the expensively taxed petrol.

I haven’t driven either, but would have to imagine the whole driving experience in the 330e beats the i3 hands down (for those who aren’t acutely focused on using no gas). There might be a pretty big crowd that thinks the 330e is green enough.

It will be green enough, when it is a 100% EV!

There is quite a big difference between 14 miles on electricity and 94. If you live close to work then you won’t be using much gas I suppose but a lot of people will still be using quite a bit of it in the 330e vs an i3.

Now if they made the 330e go 40-50 miles on electricity I can see it being a lot different.

I went from a 3 series to an i3 and the former feels absolutely archaic in comparison. I also briefly had a brand new 3 series loaner and that car is extremely cramped, loud, and all the inputs are filled with lag due to gear changing and rpm building.

i3 is a far better car for me, other than exterior looks.

I’m so old I can remember when Nissan was *the* EV company. Anyone remember Nissan?

There will no doubt be a future Harvard Business Case that discusses how Nissan completely wasted their leadership position in EVs.

The 2017 i3 Rex I sat in today, showed over 125 miles of AER remaining

Total range was over 202 miles. Battery capacity was just under 30kWh. And this was on a mediocre 3.2 mi/kWh elapsed economy. I have a feeling BMW was being very conservative with their EPA numbers. Kind of like they are with their HP and acceleration numbers too. The fact that this car could go 280 miles with no more than a 3 minute fill up is pretty compelling. I will say it again, if on a given route you are in a Bolt running out of juice at 238 miles, and you need another 50 miles of charge, and there is no DCQC between you and your destination (a very plausible situation), then that 50 miles on a L2 (or worse, if you can find one available) could take you 2 hours of waiting compared to the 3 minutes to fill the i3 REX tank. On the other hand, the 100 miles of i3 EV range can be suitable for 98% of your driving needs. And the 2% where you might need to drive 300 miles can still be more conveniently done in the i3 with the aid of the range extender. And the same thing goes for the Volt.… Read more »

Plenty of people who have experienced electric driving simply begin to hate IC engines and gas sations and all the associated nonsense like oil changes and inspections and just want to have no more to do with anything like that.

Understand your point. Which is why I have a 100% BEV i3. But at 100+ miles of range, my 2017 i3 will be even easier to live with. And in the cases where I need to drive hundreds and hundreds of miles, a 200 mile BEV might not work anyways, where an irex could work for some people. A dependable charging network on those longer trips is just not there yet. And with more and more EVs on the road, finding an unoccupied charger isn’t as easy as it used to be. In that case, a 3 minute stop at a gas station on a i3 rex is much easier. But again 100 miles will work for the majority of the people for 95% of their trips.