BMW Sells a Record 7,500 Plug-Ins For November, Plans To Go Higher In 2017

DEC 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

BMW noted a strong result for plug-in electric car sales in November, delivering some 7,571 BMW i and iPerformance series.

BMW i3

BMW i3

Monthly market share for plug-ins among all new BMW cars stands at 3.6%.

In total, nearly 55,000 plug-ins have been delivered by BMW so far this year (at average share of 3.0%), so at this point we’d bet on close to 65,000 for full year 2016, as December is generally always the best selling month of the year.

Next year BMW has set a goal to sell 100,000 plug-ins (including a new MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid that arrives in June, and a BMW 5 Series PHEV for March).

Other highlights are:

  • more than one in three BMWs sold in the Netherlands have an electrified drivetrain
  • BMW i3 was Norway’s top-selling car across all manufacturers and models in November

Dr Ian Robertson, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management with responsibility for Sales and Marketing BMW said:

“It’s clear that those markets which actively support electro-mobility are seeing the fastest growth when it comes to alternative-drive vehicles. The addition of the BMW 5 Series and MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid versions in the first half of 2017 is set to increase sales of BMW Group electrified models significantly next year – we have set ourselves the ambitious target of 100,000 units,”

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7 Comments on "BMW Sells a Record 7,500 Plug-Ins For November, Plans To Go Higher In 2017"

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I dont think BMW will have any trouble hitting 100k plug in sales next year seeing how they are largely production (battery ?) restrained from producing and delivering their many offerings this year…

Glad to hear it. I have been pretty unimpressed by BMW’s offerings so far such that I think their sales will get much bigger when they offer mych better midels.

(My BMW view: Niche high pruce supercar i8, i3 weirdmobile, and under batteried PHEVs.)

There is a big market for niche cars but it is better for those buyers to buy an i8 than a v12 Ferrari…
The i3 weirdmobile or not it is one of a very very small handful of legacy auto EV only designed cars and it sells as it is now the number 1 selling car in all of Norway and the weird paint job should dissapear with its refresh next year…
While their plugins do have a small battery they actualy price them to sell unlike most other modified PHEV offerings and they are well on their way to having PHEV for their whole range (5 models already and more will arrive next year) unlike most other legavy auto makers who only have 1 PHEV…

In short BMW has a very impresive electric vehicle offering when compared to ever other legacy manufacture…

I’m really excited about the upcoming refresh. So I changed my new car to a 24 month lease instead of 36. Although I’m pretty happy with the way my new 2017 BEV looks with the uniform Fluid black paint scheme. Saw the new car at the dealership and didn’t even realize the car was coming with the black oak wood along with the leather interior when I ordered it. Really looks sharp. Can’t wait to pick it up after this weekend to do some range and acceleration tests to see how it compares to my current 22kWh i3.

I like how i3 looks because it’s a true EV, not just a regular car with a battery pack in the trunk.

If only their hybrids had a decent AER range. 50 km real world AER would be okay for a start.
But nevertheless, that are growthrates only known for Tesla and BYD so far.

Hope BMW will soon launch the X1 PHEV. It’s like the Active Tourer, but more a full grown car. Is there any news on its launch yet?