BMW Says Next Year’s i8 Is Sold Out

NOV 25 2013 BY JAY COLE 8

BMW i8 Is "Sold Out" According To BMW Sales Boss

BMW i8 Is “Sold Out” In 2014 According To BMW Sales Boss

Sometimes new product offerings are so much in demand and they are sold-out practically the moment they go on sale.  Sometimes a product is offered late in the calendar year or when production is just ramping up, so few are available.  

That is not the case with the BMW i8 in America.  The luxury, 22 mile (NEDC scale) extended range sports car is apparently sold out before it has been put on sale in the US.

BMW has been promoting the car heavily in the US, and has said it will come to market in Q2 next year in the US.

“Coming to the market in 2014 Q2 and priced at $135,700, the BMW i8 features an athletic design and a  sleek, low slung exterior and operates with extremely low fuel  consumption (94 mpg) and emissions output.” – BMW Media

BMW Says They 10,000 Pre-Orders, And Up To A 5 Month Delays On The i3 In Europe.   Scheduled To Arrive In The US in Q2 of 2014, How Many Will Actually Arrive?

BMW Says They 10,000 Pre-Orders, And Up To A 5 Month Delays On The i3 In Europe. Scheduled To Arrive In The US in Q2 of 2014, How Many Will Actually Arrive?

Ian Robertson, global sales boss at BMW said on Wednesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show that the i8 has sold out for its first year of availability according to a report by Reuters.

In other words, the i8 is sold out before the car was even offered publically for sale in the US.

Reuters also said that the BMW Chief did not put a number on exactly how many the company will sell next year; but as it was only just put on sale in Europe, it can’t be that many.

In our opinion it is probably not good business to promote a product in a market, for a particular date, when you don’t intend to follow through on those statements – even if in a token way.

We understand completely that there is high demand for the car in BMW’s home market, and in Denmark, and in Antarctica**, but if you say you are going to make the car publically available “in showrooms in Q2 of 2014” you are probably best to follow through on what your press is saying.

Hopefully, BMW has a change of heart and indeed releases a few copies of the i8 for public consumption, for when they had promised – regardless of the demand in other markets.

** – the BMW i8 is not really for sale in Antarctica



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David Murray

Yes.. but how many were slated for production?


BMW dealership in Alexandria Va said that they had taken reservations on 5 or 6 i8s.

Eric Loveday

Reservations at the dealership level would not be official at this point in time. Basically, the dealer reserves you an unofficial spot on a made-up waiting list.

We must remember that dealers are independent of the automaker. They choose to do what they want.

BMW (the automaker) is not accepting any US reservations for the i3 or i8 at this point in time.


Pretty car…

Expensive car…

Pretty Expensive car….. =)


I hope this isn’t any indication of what they intend to pull with the i3. They might end up like Fiat and only offer a limited amount of vehicles because they aren’t making enough money on each copy.

AP Andersen

.. and in Denmark – where did that come from? this car will not be exempt from the 180% registration fee that most cars in in Denmark are troubled with from birth, but for the micro cars. Hence the i8’s price will push €400K, so probably not one of the mainmarkets for this gorgeous piece of machinery. The i3 however has seen alot of reservations for the EV only as the EREV will be hit by the same tax, and dont forget the 25% VAT as well!


yea, BMW still doesn’t understand that they need to make full EVs, not only hybrids 🙁

Stephen Pace

Looks like my prediction will come true. Tesla will sell more Model S in 2014 than BMW sells i3 and i8 combined, even though the average selling price for the i3 is half that of the Model S.