BMW i Sales YTD Exceed 10,000 Units


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BMW i3s Celebrating One -Year Anniversary – Photo: George Betak

BMW i8

BMW i8

In BMW’s press release announcing May sales, there’s mention of its i division sales volumes thus far in 2015:

“BMW i sales totalled 2,169 in May, with the brand achieving sales of 10,490 vehicles in the first five months of the year. The BMW i3 has been delivered to a total of 8,256 customers so far in 2015.”

So, i3 sales are averaging 1,651 units per month worldwide, not too shabby.  If that average is maintained for the entire year, then sales would nearly hit 20,000 units in 2015.

If we do some simple math, we discover that i8 sales in the first five months of 2015 totaled 2,234, or an average of 446.8 units per months globally.  That’s a surprisingly high figure for $130,000-plus plug-in sportscar.

Full press release below:

BMW Group sales continue to grow in May

Deliveries up 5.9% in May to total 188,287

Year-to-date sales total 890,937, up 7.7%

Over 10,000 BMW i vehicles sold so far in 2015

MINI sales increase by more than 25% in year-to-date

Sales increase in all regions globally

Munich. Deliveries of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand vehicles increased 5.9% to total 188,287 in the last month, making it the company’s best May ever. A new sales record was also reached in the year-to-date with a total of 890,937 vehicles delivered in the first five months of the year, an increase of +7.7%.

“The solid growth the BMW Group has achieved this year continued in May, with all sales regions recording an increase in sales,” said Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW. “Our innovative, new products are achieving pleasing sales around the world and I am delighted that we have sold over 10,000 BMW i vehicles in the first five months of this year,” Robertson added.

Sales of BMW brand vehicles rose 4.0% in May with a total of 159,129 vehicles being delivered to customers. Sales for the year-to-date climbed 5.2% to 759,609.

The BMW 2 Series achieved sales of 11,400 in May, 6,898 of which were deliveries of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. A total of 13,392 BMW 4 Series vehicles were delivered to customers worldwide in May. The popularity of the BMW X family generally continues to be a significant growth driver. The new BMW X4 achieved sales of 4,376 in the month, whilst sales of the BMW X5 were up 24.7% (15,505) compared with the same month last year and deliveries of the BMW X6 increased by 43.9% to 3,890.

BMW i sales totalled 2,169 in May, with the brand achieving sales of 10,490 vehicles in the first five months of the year. The BMW i3 has been delivered to a total of 8,256 customers so far in 2015.

In May, 28,831 MINIs were delivered to customers, an increase of 18.3% on the same month last year, which was affected by the core model change. Year-to-date sales increased by 25.9% with a total of 129,910 delivered to customers.

The new 3 door MINI saw sales grow by 16.3% in May to total 10,321 while the brand new 5 door MINI was delivered to 8,535 customers worldwide. Sales of the MINI Convertible rose by 9.0% with deliveries totalling 1,663.

Continuing its strategy of seeking growth balanced around the world, the BMW Group achieved a sales rise in all regions globally.

Asia saw deliveries of BMW and MINI models increase by 4.5% to 276,055 vehicles in the year-to-date. Sales for the first five months of the year are up 3.0% in Mainland China (190,427) while South Korea continues to generate double-digit growth with customer deliveries totalling 21,506 so far this year (+18.0%). Sales in Japan rose 5.1% in the same period to total 26,508.

A total of 195,485 BMW and MINI vehicles were delivered to customers in the Americas in the year-to-date, an increase of 9.7%. In the USA, sales in the first five months of 2015 rose 10.0%, with a total of 160,533 vehicles delivered to customers. Mexico achieved a sales increase of 18.9% in the year-to-date with sales totalling 6,682.

The recovery of the market in Europe continues with a total of 392,182 BMW and MINI models delivered in the first five months of the year, an increase of 9.2% on the same period last year. Great Britain is a significant growth driver in the region with sales up 12.4% so far this year (85,150) with France also recording very strong growth – sales there are up 24.4% in the year-to-date with customer deliveries totalling 31,179.

BMW Motorrad’s growth worldwide continued in May with a total of 15,004 motorcycles and maxi-scooters delivered to customers in the month (+6.5%). Deliveries for the year to date total 62,928, an increase of 6.4% compared with the same period last year.

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I think the company that reverse engineered the i3 said that BMW would have to sell 20,000 i3s to break even. I bet they have already done that.

Monroe said 20K/year to break even.

Go it.

How many 100% electric cars do they sell ? These numbers are very very small for a worldwide production. The i3 is not mass production ready for 100.000 units.

Very nice. Well done, BMW. Imagine how many they would have sold with a less polarizing design.

Imagine how many Mini E could have been sold. Mine had a 147 mile range and fully charged off of a 240v 50amp outlet in 2.5 hours. Yes, it had a 12kw charger back then when we are just now getting 6.6kw and 7.2kw chargers. And it went 15.9s in the quarter mile at my local track. Id trade 2 of my Leafs to have it back. I don’t understand all te excitement about the i3 when the Mini E had twice the range and battery size and was just as fun to drive if not more back in 2009. Can we subtract the 450 Mini E vehicles that they didnt sell from the 10,000 i3 that they did manage to sell. Ac Propulsion built them a hell of a vehicle, they should have improved upon it with future vehicles.

Yeah..I would have loved a Mini EV but had to settles for the i3 …makes you think where these executives have the heads most the time..I’m just trying to imagine what mini ev sales would look like today with a range of 145 miles! Wow