BMW Sales Chief Discusses Electric Cars At Paris Motor Show – Video Interview


BMW Sales Chief

BMW Sales Chief

In terms of plug-in electric car debuts, BMW failed to impress us at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Only two special edition plug-in models were shown, both sporting just a fancy paint job (boring).

But the words of BMW sales chief Ian Robertson, as captured in this Bloomberg interview, were far more promising in regards to electric cars.

Video description:

“BMW sales chief Ian Robertson tells Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde at the Paris Motor Show that the automaker is going to build on its electric line-up. Robertson sees e-car demand moving as technology develops, adding that BMW is “always focused” on profitability, which is “right where we expected it to be.”

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BMW better pull ahead quickly because they are about to be left in the dust.

Dear BMW:

Actions speak louder than words. Try putting your production where you mouth is.

They and others have a hand in so when the DEMAND materializes they will be ready. 0.5% after 5 years is NOT strong demand.

It is pitiful demand for EV. Hopefully Tesla model 3 and Chevy Bolt will increase demand to 10% in USA. I have my fingers crossed and $1000 on a model 3 reservation.

LOL, you mean demand like what is happening in the Large Luxury Class here in the US?

You know, the one where the Model S now has 32% of the entire segment and this share is still growing fast!

He said that the market had peaked in the USA and would be flat, is this because of Tesla eating into the BMW market share?

In the near term, it’s probably Bolt (and Volt for PHEV) eating into i3. In long term, it will be Tesla. Unless BMW makes something competitive, they’ll be squeezed out of US EV market. Nissan, etc. could still be viable with much lower cost cars with shorter range, but BMW as premium brand doesn’t have that luxury.