BMW Sales Card U.S. – Exclusive InsideEVs Sales Infographic

JAN 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 5

BMW i8

BMW i8

Preparing the BMW i3 and i8 sales card, we thought that the result would be very interesting, but as it turns out there is just not enough data as both models are new on the market.

BMW i3 racked up 6,092 sales in eight months, while i8 had 555 sales in 5 months.

For BMW, these numbers are high because in September 5.7% of all the automaker’s sales were plug-ins. More than in the case of Nissan.

Average for i3 alone in the last couple of months is at 4%.

Form the broader perspective, plug-ins from BMW held 10% market share in the last five months!

Although because BMW came to the party late, just 2% of all EVs in the U.S. are from BMW (5.5% of those from 2014).

U.S. – BMW i3 & i8 Sales Card – December 2014

U.S. – BMW i3 & i8 Sales Card – December 2014

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You guys know we want that REx/BEV ratio. So, stop being so lazy this week and hop to- 😉

The 5.7% figure is probably the most important number to take away from this. Some people still say BMW isn’t serious or that their offering is half-baked or something. (I’ve heard it all) and yet they have the most dedication to the plug-in market than any other manufacturer except for Tesla.

Really? Just Tesla? Renault-Nissan has two purpose built cars (Leaf and Zoe), two utility vehicles (NV200 EV and Kangoo EV), more units sold around the world than anybody else, no matter how you measure it (either against pure EVs or plug-in hybrids), an experimental EV, the Twizzy, and five factories, in Japan, France, the US, China, and the UK, where EVs are manufactured. You can argue that Ghosn’s focus on cost is excessive and that his cars have too little range. That is, you can argue about his strategy. But his dedication is beyond discussion. He is by far the CEO most dedicated to electric cars of any incumbent car company. The wisdom of his cost focus may become clearer in time, as Renault-Nissan is the only company potentially able to sell large numbers of EVs in cost-sensitive developing countries. Or, possibly, it may turn out to be a mistake. We still need another three or four years to see how it plays out. But we already know that neither Tesla nor BMW, as much as I love Tesla and respect BMW for the i3, will be anywhere near the price points required to sell significant numbers in places like… Read more »

I know Ford doesn’t show much love for their plug-in vehicles, but they are number 3 in plug in sales and are the only manufacturer to have 3 plug-in offerings. Take them serious or not, they do at least already have them one the market.

Oops. I meant ON the market 😉 not one the market.