BMW Reveals Zero Emissions i3 Range Extender


BMW Cruise Electric Bicycle

BMW Cruise Electric Bicycle

Umm…well, sort of.

Hrm, Maybe I'll Just Leave My i3 At Home For This Trip and Grab my Electric BMW Bicycle Instead

Hrm, Maybe I’ll Just Leave My i3 At Home For This Trip and Grab my Electric BMW Bicycle Instead

The BMW i3 will come with a range-extended option that allows owners to drive up to approximately 200 miles total before recharging, thanks to a motorcycle engine out back, and a 2.3 gallon gas tank up front.  But for owners seeking a cleaner range extender, BMW offers a zero-emissions unit that’s compact enough to be shoved or somehow wedged into the i3’s hatch.  Maybe a roof-mounted rack is the way to go.

Yes, it’s a zero-emissions bicycle, but rather than be forced to constantly pedal, this one is electric.

BMW is poised to enter the exploding European electric bicycle industry with this 44-pounder called the Cruise e-bike.

The hybrid touring bike features pedal assist capable of hitting a top speed (unassisted by the legs of the cyclist) of 15.5 mph and boasts a range of 53 miles.

The bike’s lithium-ion battery is mounted on the down tube section and a 250-W Bosch electric motor fits in under the bottom bracket.

This limited release bicycle will be sold only in Germany, with a production run of 1,000 units.

BMW hasn’t released pricing for the Cruise e-bike, but for the active types out there, this electric bike could be the way to go to “extend” the i3’s range by 50 or so miles without the optional range-extender’s harmful emissions.

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13 responses to "BMW Reveals Zero Emissions i3 Range Extender"
  1. Herm says:

    You are evil! 🙂

  2. kdawg says:

    I don’t think you will be extending the range of the i3, as it will be sitting there as you pedal away.

  3. David Murray says:

    How about a bicycle powered generator that can recharge the i3? That would work better, but expect to be pedaling for quite some time just to add a single mile of range.

  4. evnow says:

    I wonder whether this will be competitive with Leaf in terms of price.

    1. GeorgeS says:

      since this is a BMW bicycle it will probably be more than the leaf.

      1. James says:

        LOL! Good one, George! 🙂

  5. GeorgeS says:

    Oh well
    kdawg help!

    250 watt motor is too small.
    Also no cheap azz chinese batteries.

    Mine lasted 3 years now it’s 650$ for a new one. I’m investigating making on myself but I need a spot welder to weld the cells together.

    1. kdawg says:

      I’ve never figured out how to post pictures on this site. Looks like yours is up.

  6. James says:

    Seriously, this MADE IN USA option makes more sense, fits in the back
    hatch area and can be bought for nice mtn. bike full suspension money
    with lead acid batteries ( mine ) or uber-nice with lipos at a price. 750 –
    1000 watt motors .

    BMW’s ebike is nice, but agreed, at “limited edition” will cost an arm
    and a chicken leg.

    There are some nice YouTube videos where guys rig DeWalt
    LiFePos on a pack on the rear rack of a used Craigslist mtn. bike
    for pennies compared to that Beemer. 1000 watt-plus motors
    seem to be the hot rods.

    A human-powered option would be a nice folding bike with smaller
    diameter wheels, old school – would work like a charm. Still, those
    take up more room than a Go-ped.

    1. James says:

      An addendum to the Go-Ped solution: I bought a full suspension
      electric Go-ped Hoverboard with lead acids… I LOVE IT! Sure, you
      burn very few calories going up hills, but it’s such a blast, and way
      better and faster than a Segway – at 20mph.

      The Go-ped experience taught me why EVs are having a slow go
      in converting ICE folks – The lipo Go-peds made me drool, but I just
      couldn’t justify the coin the the wife, and the difference in range
      was not a deal-breaker because I’m not commuting on the thing.
      The lead acids last about 1 1/2 years if you use the scoot alot, and
      then you just go to your local Batteries Plus store and buy a new
      set for $100.00 U.S. – give ‘r take. Just like EVs, you can buy a
      BOATLOAD of lead acids for one set of lipos and the sheer cost
      just doesn’t make sense unless price is no object for you and you
      must have the uber-coolest thing on the block.

      1. James says:

        Addendum to the addendum:

        The DeWalt LiFePos were A123, so I’m not sure what’s available now.
        Chinese lipos from Ebay are a risk…and I wouldn’t go there.

        The Go-ped lipos are Chinese sourced too and still cost a mint.

  7. James says:

    MAXI-Scooter news: I want one of these. The C-Evolution Maxi Scoot
    has the same battery modules as the i3, but no word yet on cost.

    For BMW money, would I rather have this evolutionary advancement
    over a Vectrix, or just opt for a Brammo Inertia or that Piaggio lithium
    hybrid Maxi Scooter that never made it to our shores…hmmm..

    Here’s the swanky BMW –