BMW Reveals Nothing – Teased “Revolution In The Street” Is Just A BMW i3

AUG 4 2014 BY STAFF 28

i3-ish Wheel and Tire Combo, Right?  Absolutely.

i3-ish Wheel and Tire Combo, Right? Absolutely.

On Sunday, BMW teased us with a short video of a car promised to be unveiled on Monday and the video turned out to be a silly attempt at viral content (see “reveal” video above).

Sometimes you get one shot to really stand out with something and when you promise and underdeliver then you lose that credibility and any chance to do something cool in the future.

And BMW has just done that. The mysterious video teaser is just an advertising of the new BMW i3 that has no meaningful message behind it. We’re simply looking at a BMW i3 that carries a child in the back seat who plays a video game, hence the “cool exhaust sound” everyone has been talking about for the last few days.

*Editor’s Note: This post appears on BMWBLOG.  Check it out here.

Will it be an i3M? How about a different i3 REx? i3 Coupe?

NOPE! Just a time-wasting i3 ad!

Lesson learned and we’ll be more careful next time before taking the bait and creating some online buzz for no reason whatsoever.

*Editor’s Note: It would be wise of BMW to not attempt to trick the media.  Antics like this annoy us and harm your credibility as a trustworthy automaker.

Original “teaser” video below:

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“Sometimes you get one shot to really stand out with something and when you promise and underdeliver then you lose that credibility and any chance to do something cool in the future.”

Does this also apply to Elon’s announcement for Tesla’s battery swap network over a year ago?

Still waiting.


We are very tolerant of what people wish to say on InsideEVs – some would say to the extreme.

However, at some point repeated statements about a particular axe a person has to grind – especially in totally unrelated threads can discourage the entire community from wanting to interact and discuss the subject at hand. That is where we are today.

So consider this your warning, please do not offer anymore “Tesla related” comments in non-Tesla stories, that is unless something is already pro-offered in the comments.

No, it doesn’t apply to Elon as he constantly over-delivers so he gets a pass every now and then. I believe battery swapping will be scrapped anyway, who needs it if you have superchargers…

I don’t know.. As a stand-alone ad for the i3, it is not bad. I like it, actually. As far as it being any sort of “reveal” well, that’s kind of lame.

Poor tone for the article (including article title and editor’s “notes”). Markedly different from coverage of other brands here.

I want the video game.

One of the big advantages of the i3 is that it’s silent almost all the time. Why make an ad with fake ICE sounds?

Why not a tailpipe with fake black smog also?

You seem to have missed the point of the commercial. Hint: The German caption at the end means “the quiet revolution” …

Mikael, did you actually watch the whole thing? 🙂

Sour grapes following the overblown expectations in yesterday’s post about the teaser? I think the reveal was pretty funny. 😉


+1 and I am glad to see that BMW is making some efforts to promote EVs

This is actually a good marketing play and I actually like it. People, including, me had higher expectations but this is a good ad. I don’t read the language in the ad so I am not sure if they really announced a big reveal of something new but if not, well played.

The worst ad I have seen a long time ago. Whoever drove that car knows about how to enter the back seats: First open the front door, then the back one. The guy could have never made it to the outside without the help of someone, opening the front door.

your point raises how inconvenient the BMW i3 can be for passengers. if you have a passenger in the rear seat, and you want to let them out on the curb side, you would have to reach over to the passenger side front door and push it open enough so that the passenger in the back could open the rear door. then the departing passenger would have to close both the rear door and then the front door.

Oh please .. lighten up! What “Harm of their Credibility” are you referring too? Maybe it’s your credibility that is harmed? Oh and could you use a bolder, larger, and darker font next time to make sure we understand that your feelings are hurt somehow …

Lame and pretty much all ads fall into the category of white noise for me. Regarding the i3, I’d think BMW would be more concerned about the rapid buildup of unsold cars (now just under 1000 according to and dealers are starting to offer steep discounts. I’ve so far seen 2 dealers online offering the base i3 with metallic paint and heated seats (which MSRPs for $43175) for under $40K. Unfortunately my local dealer isn’t one of them. I’ve had a 2015 on order for several weeks and now am being told not to expect delivery for another 8 months! I want the tax credit this fiscal year so the plans are changing. My local dealer is currently in la la land regarding his pricing, even having the temerity to add $300 for preparation which includes “$90 to fill the car with gas.” Don’t really know how many nanoseconds it took me to point out to the salesman that the car doesn’t need “gas” but it wasn’t many. Now I’m stuck – do I deal with an uneducated dealer who is most unrealistic on the market conditions or go with another plan? Oh yes, concur with the other posts… Read more »

Lighten up Francis!

Spot on. While I typically (and whimply) let Insideevs’s fawning over Tesla’s absurd bashing of the i3 continue without comment, there comes a point where I have to ask just what this Musk guy fears. We know full well that he is is terrified of any manufacturer or government support of Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) technology, as it represents the next logical step to replace petrochemicals for extending ranges beyond 80 miles or so. He himself has proven that battery power is a stupid means of doing so by producing only vehicles that rank in the bottom 20% of EPA measured efficiency for plug-in electric vehicles . Insideev’s full on assault on the i3 (the most efficient 4+ seat vehicle on the planet) impeaches its credibility.

Step up, Insideevs. You used to be the go-to source for EV news.

Make this right.

This is different. Most comments directed towards us about the BMW i3 is that we ‘fawn’ over the BMW too much. I think perhaps you are just reacting to this single story without a lot of background on what we cover here? Perhaps you would care to check out the complete “BMW index” of stories (which you can also click from the top menu) in chronological order to perhaps re-assess our “full on assault” on the brand. Here is the last 10 BMW i3/related stories in order (including this one): More Info On BMW’s Game-Changing Low-Cost DC Fast Charger BMW i3 Parallel Parks Itself – Videos BMW Versus Tesla – Two Different Approaches To EVs Right Now, But Head-To-Head Battle Is Inevitable BMW Releases Short Documentary On i3: From Idea To Final Product BMW i3 Eye Candy – Video BMW i3 Regenerative Brakes Stopping Distance Test – Video BMW i3 Review – “Should Tesla Be Worried?” BMW Reveals Nothing – Teased “Revolution In The Street” Is Just A BMW i3 BMWBLOG Orders BMW i3 BEV BMW i3 Has No Fear Of Water – Video We would also note this post orginated from BMWBlog – where they only talk all-things-BMW for… Read more »
I appreciate the quick and defensive reply to a subject that has been dead on your site for more than a week. Believe me, I have followed every post of the i3 and Tesla for many years. That you reply to my concern helps the matter somewhat. Not that anyone on this site might give a damn, but I submitted a simple, objective article comparing efficiency vs range for all current EPA rated Plug-In EVs several months ago for publication on this site. That it was not published irks me a little bit, but I can fully grasp the pro-Tesla vibe that might filter out such content. The fact that Telsa manufactures only vehicles that rank in the bottom 20% of EPA efficiency of all plug-in EVs remains true, however, and I challenge you to publish the truth of the matter. Couldn’t care less if my name gets on it, all I care about is that there are companies out there that care more about environmental responsibility than some notion of the “purity” of EVs. BMW just happens to be one of the major players. Surprisingly, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Toyota are onboard with BMW moving us forward toward a better… Read more »
Hey Rob, This is interesting to me, as Editor-in-Chief, I (or someone on the staff) make an effort to respond to every email that is sent in…regardless if it is about a story submission that we use of not, or just someone wanting to ‘shoot the breeze’ about an EV they took for a test drive. We keep every piece of email sent in, and I don’t see anything. Did we/I respond/acknowledge your email at all? We use gmail for general inquiries ( and it has eaten a few emails/marked them as spam over the years. In those cases, if we don’t check our filter quick enough it can be lost in the abyss. If it is a fair piece related to the site, that would be of interest to the wider audience, we would certainly be happy to publish it with your name on it. If that is that case and no one did get back to you, please do send it again! I know perhaps in this moment it doesn’t perhaps seem like it, but we really have no particular ax to grind or promote for any EV – we try to run whatever the news happens to… Read more »


I sent this article to you on June 14, and got no reply. I have no reason to believe it is not fair.

Thought you might just need a bit of a reminder. Please note that this iteration does not skew the trend as a result of the (abysmal) EPA findings of the Mercedes Benz B Class. I’ll update the graphs


Hope you hold up to your claim to fairness. Just resent the article “EPA Efficiency vs Range”. Please let me know either via this forum or by direct email that you got it. Again, its been several months since I submitted it, so please give me a day to bring it up to date prior to publication.

Hey Rob,

I send you an email, but I’m definitely going with the ‘dog (or gmail) ate my homework excuse’, I’ve never it seen it before, as I would have remembered it…it is quite good, (=

My apologies to Jay and the entire staff of InsideEVs. He has been extraordinarily accommodating getting the article to which I referred published. My initial submission was apparently lost to the ether. I have no legitimate reason to believe InsideEVs plays favorites and squelches potentially unfavorable observations of any manufacturer or its products.

No worries, it is all good. Thanks for the kind words, appreciate that!

ps) I’d be upset if someone ignored by all-too-good article as well for 2 months, (=