BMW i4 Reported To Debut At LA Auto Show In November

OCT 26 2012 BY STAFF 5

The prototype BMW i4 is set to break cover November 28th, 2012 at the Los Angeles Auto Show according industry insiders.

The i4 is thought to be a slightly upscale offering over the upcoming i3, offering a range extended hybrid system in a more traditional “BMW style” package.

Another plus of the car is that it has five seats, unlike the i3 (which only has four), and will feature a more traditional cargo/luggage space area.

The BMW i3 Has Become Somewhat "Watered Down" Since Its Concept Debut

The i4 is based off the same platform architecture as the i3, but will be much sleeker and lower to the ground than the i3.  Reportedly, the i4 wil be shown in a two door variant at the show.

While no other specifications or pricing has been announced, it is assumed to be priced more in the range of an entry level BMW 6 series offering…provided of course the reception is favorable, and BMW decides to put it into production.

Future competition (both real and theoretical) would include the Fisker Atlantic, Tesla Model S, Infiniti LE and the Cadillac ELR.

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While it is rumored the i4 at the show will be a 2 door version, I do believe(just from rumors) it will be available with 4 doors also.

I think that is a reasonable expectation if it actually went into production. 4 door sedans just sell better.

Not sure if you will see that (4 dours) as a concept at any point though. I have always heard (also firmly from rumor-ville) that the prototype i4 has a really low stance/rake…which would make fitting and sizing four doors appropriately really hard on this platform (provided it is the same as the i3).

Good to see something ‘mainstream’ with a plug from BMW though, (=

They cannot come out too soon.

GM will have their Voltec based Buick Enclave (Electra) by the time BMW begins to sell an i3 or i4.
Coming…………..wait for it………….. January 2013. 🙂


The Germans are coming. The EV revolution will get very interesting now that they are showing up.