BMW Releases Short Documentary On i3: From Idea To Final Product

AUG 6 2014 BY JAY COLE 5

BMW i3 Doing Some Wind Testing

BMW i3 Doing Some Wind Testing

BMW has released a short video documentary on the i3 from planning through to production.

From first imagining the concept, to hitting the wind tunnel, and then integrating it into the BMW brand portfolio – it is all covered in the film.  There is also some more subtle nuances covered that we don’t generally associate with a new EV being launched – like “interior sound” design.

At just under 4 minutes in length, and as professional a piece as we have come to expect from BMW,  it is definitely worth a watch.

Hat tip to Michael B!

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5 Comments on "BMW Releases Short Documentary On i3: From Idea To Final Product"

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I gotta hand it to BMW . . . they’ve done a pretty good job marketing this product. And the engineering is great too (except for the lack of a bigger battery option).

I just wish they did a better design. Maybe next time.


By design do you mean style? The i3 being BMW’s first true production EV (albeit after the self-professed 40 years of development and a few trials) is, shall we say, not bad. From a Volt fanatic this is a high praise.

Yes, it could be better, and I am sure it will become better. What is undeniably better is BMW’s marketing machine that made this video.

Tesla Fan

Its an ugly box.

Sleek sedans = good looking vehicles

E.V. Fitter

Documentary? No, I’d call that an infomercial at best.


The agency or agencies doing the BMW i3 commercials are both talented and highly motivated. A small part of that motivation maybe that Tesla does not advertise at all. This certainly will not be looked upon by ad men as any sort of desirable trend.