BMW Releases Real-World Range Video For i3


BMW i3 Range

BMW i3 Range

Seasoned electric car owners know that various external and internal forces impact the range of every electric vehicle on the market.

The BMW i3 is no different.

As BMW details in this video, there are external forces such as weather that impact range and what we’ll call internal forces, like stomping on the accelerator pedal often, that reduce range as well.

“In this video, learn the real world electric range of your BMW i3.”

Real-world range is far more important than an EPA figure, so we’re glad that BMW is trying to be mostly honest here.

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I hope all these companies are now building good thermal management systems. If your EV is plugged in all night, it should not have range issues in the morning because the thermal management system should be using grid electricity to keep the batteries at the best temp.

I have used the precondition feature in the i3 daily over this winter. When plugged into a level 2 EVSE you will get battery heating and most of the cold weather issues will be gone.

“Range extender doubles your electric range”

No, it doesn’t. It might double the range, but the electric range is actually reduced.

The phone app is very nice and would be a great tool to use to make sure the car is pre heated or cooled while the vehicle is still plugged in.