BMW Releases Final Technical Specs on the 530e iPerformance

MAR 15 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

The BMW 530e iPerformance, which was recently present at the Geneva Motor Show (see video at bottom), is soon to be in customer’s hands both in Europe and North America this month.

U.S. prices starts at $51,400 + $995 DST, without federal tax credit (details)

BMW 530e iPerformance looks to be a very strong offering in the US after recent aggressive pricing

The 9.2 kWh battery certainly will not provide groundbreaking range, but one can now expect 19 miles (30 km) of EPA range, which could be a tempting proposition for daily commute, especially for those not ready yet to switch to all-electric.

Not to mention that the 530e is the best value in BMW’s 5 series lineup up from a cost perspective.

So, let’s look at the final technical specifications as recently released this month by BMW (below).

BMW 530e iPerformance quick specs

  • 9.2 kWh battery
  • range of up to 650 kilometres (404 miles) in real-world driving and is capable of covering distances of up to 50 kilometres (31 miles) in all-electric mode. Think ~30km/19 miles real world/EPA.
  • 0–100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.2 seconds
  • 235 km/h (146 mph) top speed and all-electric top speed of 140 km/h (87 mph)
  • electric motor (83 kW/113 hp and 250 Nm) combined with 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine (135 kW/184 hp and 290 Nm) and 8-speed transmission for total system output of 185 kW/252 hp and 420 Nm/310 lb-ft)
  • Rear-wheel drive (RWD) via the standard eight-speed Steptronic transmission
  • can be fully charged in less than five hours from a standard domestic power socket and in under three hours if it is hooked up to a BMW i Wallbox (3.7 kW)
  • 410 litres of boot capacity

BMW 530e iPerformance – spec

BMW 530e iPerformance – spec

BMW 530e iPerformance

BMW 530e iPerformance in Geneva:

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12 Comments on "BMW Releases Final Technical Specs on the 530e iPerformance"

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How many more hybrids does the world need? As long as people keep buying such nonsense and cars from German manufacturers… 🙁

We need a LOT more of them. Considering this is better than 99% of the rest of the cars being sold, we definitely need more.

This should be the new minimum electrification. Pure ICE without electrification should just go away. When BMW and M-B price these hybrids as the starting, or base, price of the series, you can see how they can just eliminate all the pure ice priced higher. If the customer wants higher performance increase the ICE and the e-motor proportionally. BMW understands this as evidenced by the Power e-Drive concept. The 83kW e-motor is just a starting point. 3.0 liter 6-cyl and 160kW e-motor would be another good configuration for this car. Of course, they need to make the battery bigger in order to get that much power out.

0.26 Cd is very respectable considering it looks like any other BMW.

Anybody have their EU spec sheet to MPGe calculator handy?

You should have converted the charge time for the US too. It’s not going to charge in 5 hours from a US 110V outlet.

EPA specs are getting confusing again. See here:

There is one car which is “53 miles electricity”. One which is “14 miles elec + gas (0-14 all elec)” and one which is “22 miles elec + gas (0-21 all elec)”.

We have 3 combinations, one car with a truly all-electric range (and that’s not even true if it’s very cold), one with a rated mostly elec range that isn’t necessarily all electric and one with a rated mostly electric range of which at least one mile certainly isn’t all electric.

What a mess.

I expect this car will get a “mostly electric range” rating like the 330e.

I believe a 15kwh battery plus regular engine would make a lot of sense (as a second family car next to an electric car). In my case, I would use the engine maybe once a month. That’s good enough before 300kw charging takes off. When that happens, it’s complete game over for gas cars, hybrids or PHEVs…

The best thing about the 530e is that it has more range than the current 330e. I suspect (hope?) the latter will get the same battery in the next gen (next year model?) when the 3 gets redesigned. Given the 3’s smaller size it may just eek into the 20 miles of range territory. For a lot of buyers that will cover 40-50% of their driving needs – maybe more – on electric.

It does make me appreciate the gen 1 and gen 2 Volts that much more though in terms of EV range. I didn’t figure the SECOND generation of PHEVs would still be so much under the gen 1 Volt!

Looks nice (although say 40 miles of range would have been preferred) but will it get the highly coveted HOV sticker in California??

I hear that CARB wants PHEVs to have at least 25 miles of range now, so it might not.

I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of it on the street, as long as BMW produce enough to support the demand.

To be honest, majority of the people still don’t give a crap about clean energy and EV. 530e attractive point is not about clean energy, it’s about it’s pricing and fuel saving, everyone cares about their wallet.

Luxury hybrid didn’t sell well in the past because they charge 10k to 20k premium for less than 20 miles of electric range of a same car. 530e price is about the same as the cheapest 530 price, it’s going to sell.

If BMW is still migrating its customers from Start / Stop technology, to <10KWh PHEV batteries in its 2018 models, my hat is off to them. That's real loyalty.

I think BMW gets it. The i performance models may have short range but it’s a start and the overal performance of the powertrain is good. They are fun to drive . You can eek out some good Economy if you make a lot of short trips.