BMW Releases “What is BMW iPerformance?” Video


BMW iPerformance Explained

BMW iPerformance Explained

BMW’s lineup of iPerformance models have been selling well in the U.S. as of late (17,809 units globally in 2016 through the end of August), so with that in mine, BMW is ready to begin pushing its plug-in lineup of iPerformance vehicles to the masses.

In order to do so, BMW has decided that a brief “What is BMW iPerformance) educational video is required.

Video description:

“In this film you´ll learn the difference between a hybrid and a combustion engine in your everyday life.”

“The new iPerformance model designation will be given to all BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles from July 2016.”

“The iPerformance models will benefit from the transfer of technical expertise regarding electric motors, battery cells and electronic control systems. Visible indicators, meanwhile, are a BMW i logo on the front side panel, BMW i-style blue elements in the kidney grille and wheel hubs, and an eDrive logo on the C-pillar.”

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Answer: A way to spend time and money on eeking a tiny bit more efficiency from gas engines, and as a side-effect, further delay the development of BEVs across all BMW models.

says the guy who probably drives ICE

Or not??

Bingo Stimp.

A tiny bit? My 330e gets over 99.9 mpg in my drive cycle (I don’t know for sure because the mpg meter only goes that high) and most days I don’t use the engine at all. Comparitively, my previous 428i got 23.5 mpg in the same drive cycle..

I’d rather have a car that can drive electrically 80% of the time and be useful for my needs 100% of the time than a car that can drive electrically 100% of the time and work for 80% of my needs.

Once battery battery production and charging infrastructure are more universally available and range goes up, I will get an fully electric car, but that time has not yet come.

[standing and clapping] Bravo BMW! This is how PHEV marketing should be done. Clearly selling it as an upgrade over the ICE version.

I don’t understand why can’t they make it all electric? Why carry an extra load that you don’t use? And they show that they are more than capable to do it! 6.7s is like a push bike in comparison to the Tesla.

Because battery production can’t keep up?

BMW has an entire factory for producing electric motors and will make many fully electric cars in the future, but the battery technology and production rate are not what they need to be. Over 120,000 units of just the 3 series model are sold per year, more than the entire Tesla line up.

The 330e is quicker to 60 than a Model S 60, I know because I’ve driven both, and the BMW is a far more agile car.

IMO all the car companies are now in panic mode. A decade from now, the data coming in on climate change will be so dire that the large, private auto will be extinct.

And if that doesn’t finish them off, the lack of a wealthy middle class will.

(I realize that they are better at the numbers than me) I -do- wish that they had offered an (expensive) Option of more battery, at the direct expense of gasoline capacity – Just to see what the interest in >30mi EPA AER actually Was.
(tie it to iPerformance, right? more battery and an increase in the Motor’s output — oh, that’s right.. Next year, lol)