BMW Reconfirms iX3 Will Be Made In China, Exported Globally


It will be exported from the People’s Republic all over the world.

The rumors were true. BMW will indeed be making the fully electric version of its X3 crossover in China once production will kick off in 2020 at the plant located in Shenyang. In hindsight, it now makes perfect sense why the company decided to unveil the iX3 concept at the Beijing Motor Show, thus highlighting how important the People’s Republic is for the BMW. After all, approximately 560,000 cars were delivered in China last year, which is more than in the next two largest markets (U.S. and Germany) combined.

The local joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive manufactured two-thirds of all BMW vehicles sold last year in China, and in order to meet an increasing demand, BBA will ramp up production at the Tiexi and Dadong in Shenyang, Liaoning Province to reach 520,000 units in 2019.

The reason why we’re mentioning BBA is because it will be in charge of putting together the iX3 after starting production of the conventionally powered X3 in May when it became the sixth BMW model localized in China. BBA not only has the two car factories we’ve mentioned earlier, but it’s also operating an engine plant, which contains a battery factory tailored to the electrified models. Needless to say, it will build the necessary battery packs for the iX3, billed as being the “first all-electric core model” from the BMW brand and set to be exported globally.

As a refresher, the iX3 concept showcased in Beijing had a generous battery pack with a capacity of 70 kWh providing enough juice for more than 400 kilometers (249 miles) in the forthcoming WLTP cycle. Based on BMW’s fifth-generation electric drive system, the zero-emissions crossover had an output rated at 270 horsepower (200 kilowatts) and took advantage of fast-charging capabilities to fully “fill up” the battery in only half an hour.

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So generous of BMW to “share” their tech and show China how to build better cars. Never thought I could agree with Trump on anything but hope these face mighty import tariffs from the U.S.

As per the article, with the Huge Chinese market and import Tariffs, it would be dumb of BMW not to manufacture there.

So, with those high tariffs it doesn’t make sense to export to the USA though.
Not that I want to be the first generation of a Chinese BMW.
How to give EV’s a bad name.

They only need a couple of cars for the US CARB credits and some for the EU fleet emission targets. All the rest gets sold in China.

China is NOT a large market for higher end cars. They do not have anywhere NEAR the amount of buyers of America alone, let alone the west.

“China is NOT a large market for higher end cars.”

What an ignorant and stupid assertion that isn’t backed up by facts. Chinese wealthy population is far lower in % relatively to the West. However, they make it by number. It is estimated that only 280 million out of the 1.4Billion Chinese is considered as “middle class” by western standard. But that is almost the entire population of US.

Now, let us look at some facts, breakdown of sales of major luxury brands WW/China/US/Germany in 2017.

Audi: 1,878 million/597K/226K/294K
BMW: 2 million/594K/352K/311K
Mercedes: 2.289million/587K/337K
Porsche: 246K/71.5K/55.4K/28.3K

China is the SINGLE largest auto market in the world, as well as the largest luxury brand market in the world by volume. Some models such as BMW 7 Series and Mecerdes S class, China almost make up 50% of the entire WW sales.

Maybe you should look up facts before you make comments that reflect poorly on you.

China is and may be forever the biggest EV market in the world, so why would they not start there? Once global demand is higher, I would expect additional plants outside of China to come on line.

funny thing is, that Germany already did that and lost a MAJOR industry. When CHina bought transrapid line, they agreed to NOT steel the tech. But even with guards on the German electrical closet, the Chinese gov sent armed guards to the closet and forced the Germans to give access to the Chinese scientists. You would think that BMW and the rest of the German makers would be bright enough to avoid this again.
As to Tesla, I am HOPEFUL that either China deal falls through, or more likely, they will use old technology on car and assembly lines.

A major industry? The one Transrapid line they built in China is literally the only one in the world — and last I heard they didn’t even build the planned extension. No other projects are forthcoming, in China or elsewhere.

And so… the German auto industry will survive the switch to EV’s, by producing them in China. Didn’t GM do the same?

So we keep the jobs in yesterday’s tech. Hooray!

Check the market penetration of EVs in your home country. Unless you live in China or Norway, your fellow citizens continue to overwhelmingly vote ICE. Until that changes…

It has little to do with ev adoption, it’s all about cost cutting. Behold the new BMW….designed in Germany, assembled in China… that sounds familiar.

That’s part of it, but look at where BMW builds the X3 today…

The BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina has the highest production volume of the BMW plants worldwide currently producing approximately 1,900 vehicles per day. The models produced at the Spartanburg plant are the X3, X4, X5, X6 and X7 SUV models.

USA is not the cheapest place to manufacture vehicles. But look at the models – all SUVs – because Americans love SUVs.

Now if we can get Americans to love EVs…

The chicken tax certainly had something to do with it.

Despite exceptional growth rates, at this point Chinese citizens also “continue to overwhelmingly vote ICE”…

BMW is slitting their own throat.

Well, you make cars in your single largest market for that particular model. It is likely this car will be a model that is designed to meet Chinese’s initiative of ZEV.

BMW builds CUV/SUVs in the US because it is the #1 market for those models.