BMW Wastes 15 Seconds Of Our Time With “Hello Future” i Preview Video


In the words of inventor, futurist and author Arthur C. Clarke, “The only thing we can be sure of about the future is that it will be absolutely fantastic.”

Hello Future

Hello Future

The future is here.

Says BMW.

Fortunately, you only wasted 15 seconds of your life to watch what has to be one of the worst plug-in vehicle video ever put out by an automaker.

BMW even pumped out this Tweet via its BMW i Twitter account:

BMW Tweet

BMW Tweet

But if you want blow a full minute of your time, then there’s this Hello Future non-preview video put out just for you as well, complete with a few glimpses of the BMW i8:

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If BMW, in your words, “wasted our time” why post about it? Honestly, the negativity for all things non-Tesla is pretty transparent, but c’mon.

I think the editorial pro-Tesla bias is in your mind. They seem to be pretty favorable to Nissan, and Jay used to work write for a Volt website.

It’s just a bit ridiculous for BMW to come to the party some 5 year later, and pretend they’re the only ones who count now. Even just among German automakers, it’s unclear whether they’ll win the EV competition.

That said, I still think that this awful Volt “Dad, are we gonna die because we’re in an Electric Car?” ad is light-years worse than this one.

And people tell me I haven’t even seen the *really* bad Volt ads.

…and personally I am planning on buying an i3 REx, (=
/normal edition though


so would you not call this is a waste of time? The writer is just being honest. It is what it is, guess thats too much for to handle and somehow it has to do with being pro tesla but not he fact that the video is ass cheeks and shows nothing Lol

If it was a waste of time, why does it deserve a blog post?

I’m all for driving page views, but …

I can tell you the future however. I tell you pieces of it every day but you wont listen.
As dumb things as BMW has done, this 15 second video isn’t one of them. I dare say it’s the best they have done. It was only a couple of years ago that they stated they would stick with ICE. Saying the future is fantastic is quite an improvement.
And it will indeed be fantastic. Far beyond the comprehension of the ninnies at BMW.

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Such irony

How ironic.

In my fantastic future, internal combustion engines are just a sad, sad chapter of history… as will be this “i” jalopy with it’s crippled hybrid propulsion system.

(Hmm, “i car” — sounds like ICE car.)