BMW: Pure Electric Mini To Launch in 2019, BEV BMW X3 Coming In 2020


MIni Countryman PHEV Alongside Original Mini E BEV

MIni Countryman PHEV Alongside Original Mini E BEV

BMW Group already offers more plug-in vehicles than an other automaker in the world. With the addition of the BMW 740e this fall, the running total is now at 7 plug-ins sold under BMW’s umbrella, but that figure will soon grow with the addition of several new models, some of which are being confirmed here for the first time.



Via press release on BMW hitting 100,000 electrified vehicles sold, we learn that the automaker has a lot more plug-ins up its sleeves. Here’s the important bit from that press release:

“MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid in 2017. What is more, a new variant of the BMW i8 sports car with plug-in hybrid drive will come out in 2018 – an open-top BMW i8 Roadster.”

“Looking further ahead, the portfolio will be extended to include a purely electric-powered MINI in 2019 and a purely electric-powered BMW X3 in 2020.”

Mini had previously released details on the Countryman and we knew that a BMW i8 Roadster was coming in 2018, but this is the first time the automaker has confirmed a BEV Mini for 2019 and the BEV X3 for 2020.

We expect both of the pure electric offerings to have at least 200 miles of range. Word is that an all-new i3 will come out around the same time as well and that car too will have ample range to compete with the likes of the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3.

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Sounds like serious progress BMW, Thank you!!!
This is the roll out that all automakers should strive for. The climate news gets worse seemingly every day. The satellite launched last night should make it even more clear how quickly we must transition away from fossil fuels.
So far, only BMW and Tesla are putting in the effort demanded at the speed necessary to have a chance for our children and grandchildren.
Lets reward them at every opportunity possible. Maybe that will scare the other automakers to accelerate their transition plans. $$$$$

This is good news, but I see a potential problem for BMW regarding pricing. The capable and functional but goofy looking i3 starts around $43k. The current gas powered X3 starts around $40k. Assuming the BEV version of the X3 retails around 10% higher than the gas model, we can expect the X3 EV to start around $45k, or maybe closer to $50k if they option the base model pretty well. So who is going to pay $43k (or even more several years from now) for a goofy looking i3 when they could get a nice looking X3 with similar 200+ mile range for just a few thousand more? BMW will either have to offer great deals to move the i3 or the X3 BEV will completely cannibalize their original BEV offering. Perhaps they will simply retire the i3. Of course they could decide to protect the i3 by bumping the X3 BEV MSRP to $55k or higher, but then they won’t sell as many X3s as they otherwise could. I expect Tesla Model Y to be out by then with starting MSRP around $45k, so if BMW will need to price the X3 BEV to compete with the Y.

I’m hoping the i3 becomes an extreme performance vehicle, taking advantage of the weight savings. Perhaps dual motor with wider tires, and some fender flaring.

People like me who wouldn’t usually consider a BMW?

The i3 has a small but extremely satisfied customer base who may very well stick with it even in a crowded market.

‘Assuming the BEV version of the X3 retails around 10% higher than the gas model’….
I assume 50% at least!

Could this possibly be the Mini Superleggera? If the price was similar to the Model III I would be seriously tempted.

Another article said that BMW will not make a new model for the EV they will simply electrify one of the current ones…
Hopefuly the Cooper…
I beleive all of BMWs and Minis platdorms were designed for multiple powertrains…

Went to the Los Angeles Auto Show yesterday. Sat in the Countryman PHEV, was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the interior. Such a contrast with the Bolt which felt full of hard cheap plastic surfaces.