BMW Plug-In Sales In June At Nearly 9,500. MINI Joins The Party

JUL 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

BMW i + iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – June 2017

BMW scored one of its best ever results for plug-in electric car sales in June, delivering around 9,350 units (up 79.8% year-over-year) and a record 42,573 in the first half of the year.

MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4

In June, plug-ins accounted for 4% of total BMW & MINI sales, while for the first six months that market share number stood at 3.5% – although we have to stress that the full year number is not quite representational now, as it includes MINI, which just started sales of the new plug-in Countryman on June 24th.

Production of BMW Group plug-ins this year was 51,725, and company says is on track for 100,000 sales in entire 2017.  With 43k sales already bagged, and the 2nd half of the year always showing far greater plug-in sales across all regions and brands, the goal seems easily attainable at this point.

Because BMW’s cumulative plug-in sales topped 100,000 in late 2016, by the end of this year BMW will also reach 200,000.

Dr Ian Robertson, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management with responsibility for Sales and Brand BMW commented:

“June rounds off our best ever first half-year and the BMW Group remains the world’s leading premium car company. We’ve already sold more than a million BMW vehicles this year, which is a new first-half-year record. June also saw our successful electrification strategy expand still further to include the MINI brand, meaning customers can now choose from nine electrified BMW Group vehicles. With sales of these models up by eighty per cent compared with the first half of last year, we’re looking forward to celebrating delivery of the 200,000th electrified BMW Group vehicle later this year,”

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Four Electrics

BMWs plugins are weak. They’re being made, purchased and used as hybrids, not EVs. They produce harmful emissions. They clog up primo public charging spots needed by real EVs. They delay manufacturers transition to ZEVs.

Taylor S Marks

Not sure about the rest of BMW’s EVs, but the gas tank on an i3 only adds 70 EPA miles of range (it can go all battery for 81 EPA miles). Using it as a hybrid instead of a PHEV would be a massive PITA – personally, I’d have to visit the gas station at least once every day to do that.

So I’d be quite surprised if people are doing that with the i3 (in contrast to, say, the first generation Volt, which I have data showing that nearly 100% of them in MA are rarely plugged in.)

William L.

i3 owner here. 14,500 miles and only fill up once, half tank for about a gallon.


The i3 is the exception, not the rule. On all of the rest of BMW’s PHEVs the car is not fully performance on electricity and the non-electric range accounts for over 80% of the entire range of the car.


And yet these owner don’t use public charging, they recharge at home most of the time. If their round trip fit the car range, they picked a car that fit their need, they taste EV driving and the next car they purchase will probably have a greater range. Not everyone can jump in the 100% electric wagon.

BTW, BMW i3 REX owner here, 20 000 miles on the counter, 90% electric, 333 mpg.


How do u know in rex , how much is electric vs gas. is their any menu to tell me that ?


In the i-Remote App, you can see the total number of EV miles/Km


Better is the enemy of good.

As many of the BMW owners point out, the BMW PHEV’s allow for huge reductions in emissions and oil use.

As for “clogging public charging stations”, they sit empty most of the time so we can only hope more plug-ins will be sold and more people will use them.

The version I’m used to is don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Nonetheless yeah…nobody in a BMW PHEV is plugging up public chargers. They can afford a garage and have one and use it overnight and get the first 15 or 20 miles or whatever back/forth to work as EV and for the rest of the trip have a really nice hybrid which even at that is twice as good as a standard vehicle on consumption. So BMW is coming on strong and has a sales rate about equal to Tesla worldwide and not making a squawk about it and has the single highest adoption rate of any traditional auto manufacturer and yet we have ignorant fools who know nothing of business or engineering talking smack about their uneducated statements of ‘they just drive them like hybrids and never plug them in’. Umm whatever dude. Even in plain old hybrid mode a Chevy Volt uses half the gas of a standard car and the data shows 70% of miles or better are driven in EV mode. So if we dial that back a bit for BMW, I think we are still safe in saying they are… Read more »

BMW’s i3 is Nasa Rocket Science.
The BEST EV/REX out there beside Tesla.
Sensational performance, smooth as silk suspension and acceleration, significantly quieter, 300%, than a standard ICE.

No wonder people are raving about Tesla’s.
The Battery in the Floor is incredible insulation from noise.

So no.
This is BMW’s best kept secret.


According to the table it looks like they sold more in March. Is the diagram or text wrong?

Chris S

“one of its best ever results” so both are correct.


March can’t be taxes.
Could just be the first good weather month for sales.
Pent-up sales from Dec-Jan-Feb.


Hard to believe BMW owners are waiting for a refund from Uncle Sam to buy or lease a BMW.