BMW Developing Plug-In Hybrid M Supercar

BMW i8 With Vossen Wheels And A Purple Wrap


An indirect replacement of the i8, the hybrid machine would be the crown jewel of the M Performance lineup.

BMW may have a slew of high-performance machines carrying the fabled “M” badge, but what its portfolio lacks is a proper supercar. Give the Bavarians some time and they’ll likely address this issue by introducing a new flagship M Performance model to sit above the upcoming M8 CoupeAutocar has it on good authority a “new super-sports car” is being developed to serve as an indirect replacement for today’s i8.

The plug-in hybrid sports car with its puny three-cylinder engine will reportedly not be renewed as BMW has bigger plans for an electrified machine. The 1.5-liter gasoline engine will be ditched to make room for a much larger combustion engine, quite possibly with six cylinders. While the i8 is unlikely to get a second generation, its carbon fiber architecture is expected to live on in this yet-unnamed supercar

The report goes on to mention the conventional engine along with the electric motors will provide a combined output of more than 700 horsepower in a car estimated to cost in excess of the $147,500 BMW is asking for a base i8 Coupe. It is believed the crown jewel of the M Performance lineup will be built in limited numbers and will go after the Acura NSX, which starts at $157,500 in the U.S.

Don’t expect to see the new BMW supercar in the nearby future as the model is allegedly slated to hit the market by 2023. Meanwhile, the M lineup is about to grow to include the first-ever X3 M and X4 M, along with the M8 Coupe, Convertible, and Gran Coupe. Further down the line, there also might be an M2 CS to serve as a last hurrah for the current-generation 2 Series.

Source: Autocar

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From article: “”Autocar has it on good authority a “new super-sports car” is being developed [by BMW] to serve as an indirect replacement for today’s i8… Don’t expect to see the new BMW supercar in the nearby future as the model is allegedly slated to hit the market by 2023.

All-electric hit or hybrid bust… especially true by 2023 as the all-electric Tesla Roadster will by then be the supercar performance benchmark.

Tesla Roadster will also have the SpaceX option!!

Not just the Roadster, a number of companies may not believe the Roadster to will meet all the specs but they will be working on something to compete, and it will be out before 2023.

I am willing to be it it will have a battery that is smaller than what you find on most electric motorcycles.

The aesthetics of this vehicle are the ones of a hyper-car and does not fit with the supercar powertrain that carries. Should have been a benchmark of the electric capabilities of BMW even as a hybrid, with similar level as the Porsche 918.
“Just” combining 400 electric hp and 300 ICE hp could have been a monster.

Ho hum. Who cares? Only a few rich folks.

Just put the updated drive train in the front and back of the current i8 and give us a decent battery. There’s nothing wrong with how the i8 looks if it has the performance to match.

As long as the 3cyl Ice architechture weigh less than batteries then then phev still has a place.

I doubt the current i8 is able to fit a significantly more capable power train…

That’s the thing though, it doesn’t need a thorough redesign. BMW already have their next gen electric axles on the way and batteries have come a long way since the i8 was first conceived. The looks are fine, and frankly, they’ve sold so few of them that no one can be bored with how they look. I suspect only dealers see them every day. It doesn’t need a clean slate, just a refresh.

I love my BMW i3-REX, warts and all, but the i8 and this monstrosity, no interest at all.

While at first I wasn’t interested in the i8 either, I have to say that over time I came to appreciate its uniqueness… And frankly, it’s the only car BMW ever produced that actually looks cool 🙂

(Admittedly, it only makes sense for people with a pretty short commute…)

Good for BMW. They need another distraction like a hole in the head. How about focusing on a top tier BEV/ZEV that is more than a commuter car. As it is, the performance Teslas are starting to eat your lunch, soon they will be feasting on breakfast and dinner.

Model 3 competitor (i4) is scheduled for 2021, i.e. long before this.

(Either way, I doubt it’s any sort of distraction…)

Love the design and color.

hope the image is just an illustration of what would eventually become a car – one day, in 2023 or when BMW feels ready.