BMW Group Increased Plug-In Electric Car Sales To New Record

DEC 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

BMW Group sold over 125,000 plug-in cars so far this year (globally)

November brings a new record for BMW Group‘s plug-in car sales – 14,767! It’s not a big improvement over the previous record of 14,559 in September, but with the 3rd record within six months, BMW is moving forward.

Growth year-over-year amounted in November to 26.1%, while the share of plug-ins out of total volume increased to 6.65%.

After 11 months of this year, average share of plug-ins increased to over 5.5%. BMW Group is also on track to reach its goal of 140,000 sales in 2018 if only it repeats the sub 15,000 result in December. We guess that December will be at least around 16,000-17,000.

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – November 2018

BMW Group notes several encouraging results in November:

  • 1/5 of BMW 5 Series sedan sales was the plug-in hybrid variant
  • BMW i3 sales increased by 17.0% to 3,468 (near record of 3,490 in March 2018)

Targets for the future are:

  • 140,000 sales in 2018
  • over 500,000 cumulative sales by 2020
  • 25 electrified models (including 12 BEVs) on the market by 2025

More from BMW:

“Exactly five years after it was initially launched, the BMW i3 continues to achieve increased sales. In November, 3,468 (+17.0%) fully-electric i3 cars were sold worldwide – a monthly result almost equal to the car’s best-ever month, which was in March this year (3,490 units). Sales of the company’s plug-in hybrid vehicles continue to increase significantly, with the plug-in versions of the MINI Countryman, the 2 Series Active Tourer, and the BMW X1 (Mainland China only) accounting for well over 10% of those models’ overall sales. Meanwhile, every fifth BMW 5 Series sedan sold worldwide in November was a plug-in hybrid. The BMW Group is well on track to achieve its target of delivering 140,000 electrified vehicles in 2018; by the end of next year, an overall total of over half a million electrified BMW Group vehicles will have been sold around the world.”

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And all these people thought no one bought plug in BMWs. Just shows the U.S. is not the world. And this is before the imminent i3 battery upgrade and the new 3 series around the corner. A 30+ mile plug in X5 will be exceptional for a roomy 5000lb PHEV.

In January, BMW’s goal was 150K for this year. Way to move the goalposts.
They sold 103K last year, 62K the year before, and 54K in all years prior to that combined.

So if they hit 140K this year, that brings them to 359K cumulatively to date. So their goal for next year is only 130K.

I don’t doubt that they plan on crossing 500K in November of next year then breaking their hand patting their back and talking about how they’re ahead of schedule.

Slowdown in Auto sales

The goal has always been 140k.

You are the one trying to move the goalposts. Feel free to feel ashamed.


A second yup. Last year they said 100 and they hit it right on schedule. This year will be just over 140,000. Obviously right on track for 500 total by end of 2019. I think they will shoot for about 180,000 in 2019. We’ll see what they announce. My guess is first they’ll see how the new i3 sales look before announcing the 2019 goals. The stated 500k is obviously conservative so after the 2019 estimate is established, the 500,000 mark will probably go down in October.

I don’t think they should include any of their half baked sub 20 mile PHEV cars in this count and I am betting they are the majority of the plug-ins they sell.

I will agree that most of those sales are 20 mile (or worse) PHEVs… But I’d rather see a bunch of those selling and going out on the roads than standard ICE vehicles. So I applaud their success. I just wish they could get the range improved on those by at least 50% or more.

The Plugins have more HORSEPOWER and TORQUE.
No, you’re absolutely right, no BMW driver who drives like a Prius Owner, would ever want more HORSEPOWER, TORQUE and clean air too.

The YOY growth shows that BMW people are yearning for an EV and willing to buy fugly cars like the i3.

Actually the i3 is popular with trendy Europeans and the British where its individual styling is in a league of its own (unique) and the size is perfect for conditions there. The beauty of the car is the complete package and its use in tight city conditions not just the superficial looks, although its still as fresh as first appearance five years ago.

I love the look. Wish I could afford one. Who knew not everyone likes a sleek sedan?

Has China begun the requirement that a percentage of vehicles sold in China be EV’s.