BMW Plug-In Electric Car Sales In U.S. Fell By Half In February 2019

MAR 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 22

Waiting on new plug-ins to rebound sales continues

Ongoing model changeover negatively impacted on BMW Group sales results in U.S. (and globally). The Group delivered just 1,110 plug-in electric cars last month, which is 42.7% less than a year ago.

Plug-in share out of overall volume also decreased to 4.2%, although it’s still better than the industry average.

The German manufacturer currently supplies U.S. with only five models (BMW i3, BMW i8 and BMW i8 Roadster, BMW 530e iPerformance and MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4). The new X5 PHEV, 3-Series PHEV and 7-Series PHEV are coming, followed by the all-new BMW X3 PHEV.

BMW i + iPerformance  + MINI PHEV sales in U.S. – February 2019

BMW plug-in car sales in February 2019 estimated by IEVs:

  • BMW 530e – 414
  • BMW i3 – 350
  • BMW 330e – 185
  • MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 – 63
  • BMW X5 xDrive40e – 38
  • BMW i8 – 23
  • BMW 740e – 14

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Not a very big surprise given the narrow model palette and growing awareness about electrification.

Probably more people have decided that they need a proper EV, not some half-step PHEVs and short-range. small, limited ones like the i3.

Well I can see the difficulty in selling some of their cars. Car and Driver lists the M3 Competition at 99,000$. Heck the base BMW M3 is 67,000$. You can get a before tax credit M3P for 56000$. Hard to convince people that noise and “Euro” luxury flair is worth 40000$

“Hard to convince people that noise and “Euro” luxury flair is worth 40000$”

Well, they managed to do that for a very very long time!!!!!

Yup totally agree with you. History is a good predictor of the future until it isn’t. I would bet all the auto executives are worried that there will be a major market shift before they have competitive products. I think it was the new head of FCA who predicted a significant shakeout in the industry because some companies just can’t catch up.

The BMW M3 is in a good position, as long as the buyer never experiences the Tesla Model 3 Performance experience. Otherwise, it’s in trouble.

Not just the instant performance, but the smooth acceleration, then no starter noise, no engine noise and no exhaust noise. With a good sound system, it’s either an exhilarating or a calm, quiet, and peaceful drive home. You choose.

After a long stressful day of Tech, it’s as good as a beer.

I can see by the pricing the Model 3 is now very competitive with the i3.
But, the i3 still have the advantage of being designed as a great commuter into and out of cities and small towns. Now, with 150 miles of range.

I want them both to have great sales success.
They both fill different needs and are great fun to drive.

BEV sales are recovering from the January sales dip. The fact that PHEV sales continue to drop suggests that consumer sentiment has gone past PHEV.

Car sales are down worldwide.

LICE car sales are down world wide😀

The 2019 i3’s are just now becoming available, I believe.
And the East Coast, USA, had a tough winter.

There’s no BMW changeover hurting their sales. It’s the fact that all they have is compliance vehicles while there are vastly better PEVs at vastly lower prices (namely, the Model 3.)

BMW isn’t in the midst of a changeover. They needed to get serious about PEVs, but all they have are compliance vehicles and outlandish concept vehicles. I believe they’ll be bankrupt within 3 years – they no longer have time to actually bring an adequate vehicle to production and save themselves from that fate.

Dude you’re in dream land.

BMW group is a much larger money machine then you clearly even know.

They are dragging their feet no doubt about it, but they will not be bankrupt no matter what you’re self made reasoning might be.

I haven’t checked their financials in 6 months, but last I did, I saw that profits had fallen by 50% both Y/Y and Q/Q. That was when Model 3 was still limited to only the first production and only US and Canada. Now that there’s vastly more configurations in vastly more markets, I can’t imagine it’s helping BMW in any way (and indeed, this article shows that BMW has continued falling.)

At the time, I concluded BMW would have at least one and possibly two quarters this year where they loss money. Sure, BMW can absorb a few quarterly losses, but only so many. I predicted they’d run out of cash (AKA, be bankrupt) within 2-3 years. Maybe after they share the current quarter financials I’ll look into their situation again, but I haven’t heard any news suggesting things aren’t going the way I expected.

Come up with some killer leases BMW.

Let’s see you triple your numbers.

You can do it If you want to.

It’s very odd to compare Model 3 prices vs i3. 5 passenger, twice the power, twice the storage, 3x the range, AWD, Superchargers, optional autopilot and all for about the same price as a typical i3.

I know most don’t end up paying anywhere near MSRP on the i3, but this is what regular people see when cross shopping these 2 BEVs. BMW pricing just is not competitive at all. Riding the BMW badge may work vs Chevy, but it’s not going to work vs Tesla.

I have had 2 i3’s so I’m well aware of the pros and cons. I’ll be buying a Model 3 next time.

If buy the Model 3 but only lease the BMW.

@test: I considered getting a BMW i3 several times as a third car to scoot around as I like the compact size in the city. But I couldn’t get pricing to work out as it was always super expensive. Don’t like the whole dealer thing as well. City car at a much lower price I could justify a i3 as it’s quite a nice vehicle for that but not when it’s equal or more than a Model 3.

Did you try a car buying service, like TrueCar?
They give you detail about the standard average discount dealers are willing to adjust the MSRP.
Along with the Federal Tax credit, it’s a fairly affordable car to lease.

Or, you can get a loaded CPO, 3 years old, for around $22-25,000.

I can see why you would not consider the i3 if you never drove into cities. If you lived in the suburbs and worked in the suburbs. But, as a city car, it just excels. Parking anxiety greatly reduced. Maneuverability. Smooth quiet ride, a real luxury over an ICE.

And it’s weight to power ration is 22.
3907 / 170 HP = 22 lb. per HP.

BMW do not get that PHEVs are no longer in demand as long range BEVs have taken over. Also people are realizing that PHEVs are still fossil fuel based vehicles that are not sustainable.

Pretty much this.

Toyota is similar. They don’t get that the Prius hybrid is completely obsolete, green minded people will not buy it anymore. The Plugin Prius is better but it is still a stinky, high-maintenance gasser.

Not so with the REX solution.
You run primarily on gas, and have a 2 gallon backup in case your charging stations is: Iced, offline, broken, or full. You can run on gas to the next charger with zero stress.
And again, every state does not resemble the West Coast.

( You run primarily on Electric, but have the REX backup engine if needed. )