BMW U.S. Plug-In Electric Car Sales Down In July, Up In 2018


BMW Group noted a 7.2% decrease of plug-in electric car sales in July, although the first seven-months of 2018 are positive (up 39.5%).

The German manufacturer sold last month a total of 1,859 plug-in BMW and MINI in the U.S., which is a solid 7.1% of the total sales result for BMW the period (a year ago it was 2,004 and 7.6%). That’s not good news though, especially when the industry is celebrating a record month.

The lineup consists of: BMW i3 (and i3s), BMW i8 (and i8 Roadster), BMW 330e, BMW 530e, BMW 740e, BMW X5 xDrive 40e and MINI Countryman plug-in-hybrid.

BMW plug-in electric sales in U.S. – July 2018

Total sales during the first seven months amounted to 13,874, which is 39.5% more than a year ago.

The BMW i3/i3s continues its downward slide in July and hopefully will rebound after the anticipated new version (with more kWh) appears at dealerships.

BMW i3 sales in U.S. – July 2018

BMW i3 sales in U.S. – July 2018

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SI-units and SI-derived units stay the same in singular as in plural. Therefor 1 kWh and 44 kWh are correct but “kWhs” is never ever correct. Please edit 🙂

I hate to mention Big T, but I think they will decimate the “compliance” (don’t mean that in a bad way) market.

From article “BMW Plug-In Electric Car Sales Down In July, Up In 2018”

Car sales are a zero-sum-game. Which means some other EV car maker likely ate a chunk of BMS’s July EV market share… I wonder who that could be?

Talking about eating…

Dear fellow Tesla owners & Tesla reservation holders…

Please purchase a dozen Dunkin Donuts each week in support of project Dunkin Chanos. Each dozen purchased goes directly towards squeezing the Jim Chanos anti-Tesla wolfpack further on their already massive loss from also shorting Dunkin Donuts.

Let’s have fun with this!

The question is: “Could theyhave had sold and delivered more?”
I know from Daimler/Smart, that you have to wait at least one year for a electric drive smart but only 2-3 months für a fossil burner.
The Industry wont/canot deliver the demand and keep the sales artificial short.
Saying, “the sales decresed” but in fact “we dont want or can deliver more” is giving a misleading signal the customer in thinking that fossil is good and electro is bad because it looks like nobody wants it. The opposite is the truth. And with the raising Model3 sales it prooves this point.
They are not dumb. They want to keep their big sell margins and higher maintenance costs for as long as they can.

At this moment, I don’t think that the electric line-up of BMW is threatened by Tesla. Sure, some will switch to a Model 3, but as for all EVs: You make ’em, they get sold. the electric line-up from BMW is made in Europe, and increasing demand in combination with a weak dollar makes European sales more interesting than export. So Europe is prioritized, to get the buyers money now, as next year Model 3 will be available around here, that might swing one or two, if BMW can’t deliver.

I went to a BMW dealer earlier this year and test drove the 330e. For the same price I have a Model 3 that’s faster and goes 310 miles vs 14 miles on electricity. I mentioned my Tesla reservation and the salesmen said he was hearing that a lot lately.

Yes, new BMW i3 inventory is shrinking, and used CPO i3 BMW’s are very popular.

Make something affordable that people want to buy — oh and yea – a supercharging network….