BMW Sets New Plug-In Electric Car Sales Record In September

OCT 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

BMW sold already over 300,000 plug-in electric cars.

September brings a new record of plug-in electric car sales for BMW Group. The German manufacturer reports 14,500 delivered at an annual growth rate of 35%.

The market share out of overall volume stands at over 6.1% for the month and at 5.3% for the first nine months of 2018.

Strong results also enabled BMW Group to exceed 300,000 plug-in sales since late 2013, when the first BMW i3 hit the market. In total, more than 313,000 plug-in BMW/MINI were sold, including 97,543 so far this year (up 42%).

Targets for the future are:

  • 140,000 sales in 2018
  • over 500,000 cumulative sales by 2020
  • 25 electrified models (including 12 BEVs) on the market by 2025

Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Sales and Brand BMW said:

“One very positive aspect of our sales performance continues to be the growth in electrified vehicles. September was our best-ever single month for electrified sales and with deliveries up over 40% in the year to date, we remain well on track to achieve our target of 140,000 electrified sales by the end of the year,”

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Only the i3 is a real BEV (without the REX that is). All the others are barely electric.

I like BMW’s electrification strategy. They have shown stable growth and are consistently outpacing the market. In contrast to Tesla, they have chosen the bottom up approach and in my opinion, this just brings more people in the EV space without much overlap. Looking at their plans for the next 3 years, it is clear they intend to keep up the momentum and move more aggressively into the BEV space:

3 upgrades: i3 range bump and increased production, X5 range bump, 3 series range bump
2 new PHEVs: X1, X3
4 new BEVs: iX3, i4, iNEXT and MINI E

Hazard to guess how many of these vehicles were purchased for incentives like car pool lane access or tax credits and are rarely if ever plugged in? You have to plug in a BEV.

There is really no evidence to support the claim that PHEVs don’t get plugged in. You have less power and higher fuel costs if you don’t plug in, so why not chose the ICE then? There are exceptions to the rule of course. I have seen company fleet data which suggest that >90% of them get charged regularly.

“You have less power and higher fuel costs if you don’t plug in, so why not chose the ICE then”

Where I live: many of these cars are company cars and the company foots the fuel bill. The drivers couldn’t care less. They only chose the car because of the low taxes.

That’s highly unusual, why is the employer not telling them to plug in, it is a lot of money they could save. Are those PHEVs used exclusively for distances over 200km? From your name, are you living in the Netherlands?

I also thought so until BMW said that they believe 85% of the cars they sell 2030 will have a combustion engine. That I don’t see as a fast move towards BEV.

That was one conservative voice on the board. Fröhlich will retire long before 2030.

But even he thinks that 100% of their cars will have some sort of electrification in 2025.

We’ll find out in 3-5 years.

Sorry Mark, where is all the hype, boost and overly positive vomments for excellent result regarding electrifying cars? Wrong company, I suppose…?

Time was this would have represented solid progress but the Model 3 volumes are starting to make these sorts of numbers look trivial. If Tesla can scale up to 10,000 cars a week next year (that’s a pretty big if) then the European manufactures are going to be in for a tough time once thousands of Model 3s start flooding the market each month.

BMW is a global player, and that’s part of the reason why their total Plug-In sales numbers are relatively high.

Has BMW actually ever revealed in how many countries the BMW i3 is on the market?

how much longer are the going to sell the i3 in the states?

Last recent rumor is through 2021.

Congratulations BMW. I believe Tesla, BYD group, Renault Nissan group and BMW is the 4th company to join this club.

I think every week, we are getting a news like this. A company hitting 300,000 mark, a model hitting 100,000 mark, Worldwide sales crossing another million.

Gets interesting.

Good news, but sad if you dive deeper. Most of these cars cannot do more then 20 or 30 kilometres on electricity. They have only been built because of European CO2-rules. You must know that in Europe a car company must stay under a certain amount of CO2 per kilometer. Since it is calculated per MODEL and not per individual CAR, one low volume model with low CO2-emissions brings the total down quiet a bit. On top of that the CO2-emissions of these low range low volume PHEVs were artificially low on paper because of the way the old European emissions standard worked.

So the BMWs, Volkswagens and Mercedeses of Europe only needed some low range low volume PHEVs to stay within the emission rules and that is what they did. It has nothing to do with helping the environment or cleaning the world.

At least for 2020 they are upping the minimum miles per charge in order to qualify. That is the reason all the “new” models tout 50km/31miles range per charge (WLTP). They don’t get credit if they don’t meet that.