BMW Group Plug-In Electric Car Sales In U.S. Decreased In October 2018


Another month of decrease for BMW.

BMW Group managed to increase BMW car sales in October by 0.2% (2% YTD), but electrified car sales (BMW i, iPerformance and MINI plug-in hybrids) are shrinking, which is especially visible when the overall plug-in market surges month after month to record levels.

In total, BMW Group delivered some 1,836 plug-in electric cars (down 8.5% year-over-year), but overall remains over 24% up in the first ten months fo 2018.

The plug-in car volume stands at a stable 7.4% of total sales by the group. It’s expected to increase when new versions and new models become available.

The lineup consists of: BMW i3, BMW i8, BMW 330e iPerformance, BMW 530e iPerformance, BMW 740e iPerformance, BMW X5 xDrive40e and MINI Countryman plug-in-hybrid.

 BMW i + iPerformance  + MINI PHEV sales in U.S.

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Unfortunately from a positive start, BMW are falling further and further behind the curve.

While I applaud the increasing breadth of BMW’s plug-in options, they are falling far behind in the hottest segment: 100% BEVs.

Model 3 is accomplishing 2 things for EVs, one good and one not so good. They are gaining conquest sales of previous ICE drivers which is great. However they are also cannibalizing some EV sales in the process, which is hurting companies like BMW. That is the world of competition… either offer better products, or lose sales. BMW needs to step it up with their offerings.

I think this kind of competition sends a good message: Make products people want or move out of the way.

BMW historically has made some of the best cars in the world. Although they were off to a great start with the i3 they dropped the ball. I had very high hopes for the car; it is unique, interesting, fun to drive, and well crafted car. Unfortunately it suffers from being overly complex and limited in range compared to the competition (as all of us here are painfully aware). My friend backed into a column in the parking lot with his i3 (no thanks to the blind spot that is significant in this car). Although he was going a very slow speed, it crushed the carbon fiber sub-frame somehow and the car had to be totaled. As innovative as the carbon fiber tech and innovation on this vehicle is, that is just unacceptable.

Note to legacy automakers: i expect you’ll use this declining sales trend of your EV’s to buttress your narrative; but perhaps what you should do instead is … design your EV’s to be better than your ICE vehicles!

The consumers aren’t just going to buy whatever crap you dish out and stick a “hot” label on like some friday night take-out special! Make a compelling product and then we’ll buy it.

People are waiting for i3 40kw