BMW Performance Center Adds A Pair Of i3s To Its Inventory


For over 22 years BMW has been producing various vehicles at the only US location in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In addition to currently making X vehicles and of course the plug in hybrid X5 xDrive40e (1,200 mile review here) there is a Performance Center, where customers can take deliver of their new vehicles, experience other vehicles or simply take a driving school. (There is a really popular Teen Driving School there too).

bmw 101The center typically stocks many vehicles including the i8. Customers who custom order their i8 can pick it up in South Carolina, or simply fly in to experience what their new car could do.

Perhaps someone at BMW NA saw my AutoX video and decided to add a pair of i3 REx to the fleet to see how they will do. I would have of course chosen a BEV for the fun of the track, but knowing that REx sells at about 70% rate, it makes perfect sense to have them.

Although not fully advertised, you can try to ask your dealer if you can have the BMW 101 experience at the South Carolina Performance Center. It would probably need to coincide with a recent or a future purchase, but at least you can inquire.

The program typically includes:

Braking test/lesson
Auto Cross (AutoX)
DSC Review
M Vehicle Hot Lap
Factory Tour
X5 off Road Tour
Delivery of your vehicle – if course you can make it back in that BEV, REx, iPerformance, to your home.


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And they also delayed the next i model to 2021. Screw you BMW!

No they didn’t. They just announced a Sedan for 2021. The i5 is not expected to be a sedan.

It’s just that the car is called iNext, but it’s not their next car with the plug.

-Madness? -THIS….IS…….SPARTA!!!! Sorry I had to.