BMW Outlines US Sales Approach For i3 and i8


BMW i3

BMW i3

Edmunds is reporting that the “majority of BMW’s 329 U.S. dealers will offer the electric 2014 BMW i3 and i8” and that only “44 of its U.S. dealers have decided not to sell the electric cars.”

Those opting not to sell the i3 and i8 are mostly low-volume dealers located “somewhere out in the boondocks,” according to BMW of North America President and CEO Ludwig Willisch.

All BMW dealers wishing to sell the i3 and i8 will get “special training” for the “sales teams and for the service technicians.”

BMW i8 Image Copyright Millergo

BMW i8 Image Copyright Millergo

Edmunds adds:

“Dealers will highlight the two electric vehicles with a special showroom display, located in a corner that will separate the cars from other BMW models. A handful of dealers in California are building a separate showroom for the i3 and i8.”

The i3 is expected to go on sale in the US in April.  The i8 will be hot out its heels with its US launch coming just a few months later.

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Since the BMW i line will expand over the next few years, an additional showroom makes sense. In my area, the Minis used to be in the BMW showroom, now they have their own dealership.

How much does it cost for a BMW dealership to opt in.Remember the big fuss that GM dealers had with having to spend 10,000$ to buy the special tools?

Does that mean they all get a L2 charger?
Will they make them publicly available?

Here in Germany some BMW i dealers have a 50kW CCS Charger and the others have L2. They all use it for recharging their demo cars, but they should be available to customers too. Unfortunately not all are publicly accessible outside of normal business hours. At least it’s a start and the total number of CCS chargers in Germany should be somewhere above 10 now.

The situation is much different in Canada. For example, in Quebec only one BMW dealer out of nine is onboard.

BMW Canada is disappointed and feels dealerships may live to regret not signing on, but hasn’t put their recalcitrant sellers down by using terms like “small” and “boondocks.”

It would be nice to have an actual list. I hardly live in the “boondocks”, but I would love confirmation that my local BMW dealer plans to sell the cars. (Then again, it is owned by the same guy who owns the Nissan dealer from whom I got my Leaf – i.e. EV friendly.)

I was told by my dealer in Winnipeg, Canada that they were not offered a chance to sell the i3 right now. Only dealerships in the 3 provinces with cash incentives are getting the i3.