BMW Now Offers Makita Edition i3



In an effort to bring the BMW i3’s level of versatility up to that of the hundreds of thousands of SUVs on U.S. roads, BMW is launching the Makita Contractor’s Edition of its tiny electric car.

The appeal here is that the Contractor’s Edition combines extreme efficiency and lightweight design with the ability to handle the demanding tasks of various construction workers.

BMW has yet to reveal all the details, but we’ve learned that a power take-off will allow for Makita tools to be plugged into the i3 to drain its battery as quickly as possible and that the all glass section of the rear hatch has been replaced with plexi so that it doesn’t shatter upon unintended contact with the ladder that mounts above.

Unfortunately, those are all the details we’ve obtained today and we assume that much of this information will be inaccurate by tomorrow.


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34 responses to "BMW Now Offers Makita Edition i3"
  1. Michael says:

    Can we have an ambulance version too? 🙂

    1. jelloslug says:

      For circus use only.

      1. evcarnut says:

        That should cost around $80,000.00 ??…L 0 L ..after all it’s a “BMW” the ultimate driving Machine….YES!…Driving You to the P00R house….. L M A 0………………

  2. Dave says:

    Still not funny… very few people are thinking about the i3 today. Something happened last night with some other manufacturer, can’t remember the name…

    1. Clive says:

      You are correct.

      Dropped like a cold rock.

    2. alohart says:

      Those of us who prefer a light, efficient, rust-free EV and who don’t need a 5-passenger performance sedan with 215 miles of range aren’t interested in the Model 3. Maybe there are very few of us, but there is still a place for small, light, efficient EV’s like the i3.

      1. Clive says:

        April Fools =/

      2. Clive says:

        Still BMW has a problem.

      3. Michael says:

        …that is available today. Like VW e-Golf. Both not selling that great though 🙂 just brought my eGolf in for firmware upgrade because of battery shutdown recall. Can’t wait to replace with model 3 🙂

        1. Dan says:

          I’m on the model 3 waitlist but have serious second thoughts after seeing that gimp of a trunk. Whatever happened to the hatch?

          1. Rich says:

            I look at the reservation as nothing more than a spot in line if I want it. We have 2 years to make up our minds.
            It’s no surprise we’re seeing / experiencing second thoughts to some of the features that deviate from the norm. Hang in there and give it time to fully sink in. At this point, we don’t even know what it is or if there will be other options available.
            I’m happy to give Tesla a $1000 interest free loan for a couple years while I see how the market develops and what the timing around the $7,500 tax credit.
            I’m interested in seeing how Tesla will develop a strategy around the 200,000 limit and how to jam as many model 3 deliveries into the 2 quarters after that number is hit.

      4. evcarnut says:

        Yea! Why pay less & get More …When you can buy a “BMW” &…Pay Way more & Get Way Less!….Time to wake up people!

      5. John MB says:

        Oh it has a place but not at $45K+. With the $2k rebate offered now in NYS and the $7,500 federal tax credit available..I’d pick up a 125 mile i3 Rex in a heartbeat IF they’d be selling for $40k ..but I doubt that will be anywhere near its starting list price.

        And rather than investing in RD for less expensive batteries they are jerking around with FC…they just don’t get it.

    3. Beta888 says:

      The i3 does well on test drives.
      50/50 weight distribution, rear wheel drive, front wheels only steer, vented disks.

      But the price, if they only could bring down the price.

  3. Steven says:


    1. Rich says:

      🙂 It has to be a joke.

  4. Rich says:

    I have no desire to see other auto-makers BEVs dwindle away into nothing. I’m hoping BMW will release an enticing range upgrade to the i3 (nothing less than double) available in Aug. of 2016. When I was thinking through some of the cool stuff BMW might do in response to the Model 3, I didn’t anticipate the announcement of a Makita power tools version of the i3. This announcement is kind of odd.

    1. Rich says:

      Eric, you had me wondering if BMW had lost their minds.

    2. evcarnut says:

      BMW needs to lower their INSANE prices.,.Put their nose to the grindstone and design a car that is worth taking a 2nd look at. Most people wouldn’t pay 20 grand for that Golf Cart. They’re Deliberately Building Bad cars to prove that Functional & Logical EV’s are Impossible to build. It’s hard to believe that they are that Incompitant . Well., They have their work cut out now!

      1. John MB says:

        +1..incompetent is mild to say the least.

  5. Texas FFE says:

    If BMW really wants contractors to buy the i3 then there needs to be a receiver hitch option so that the i3 can pull trailers. At least then the i3 could pull an eBuggy trailer and have the range of a Model 3.

    1. Or a light weight trailer with solar panels, batteries, and an AC inverter – so regular tools could be plugged in on extention cords!

  6. MTN Ranger says:

    Considering how many special edition i3s have been offered, this is not an altogether surprising if it were true.

  7. Kevin C. says:

    Oh snap! Sign me up you April Fool. Now shut the freak up!
    Perfect for electricians out checking shorts.

  8. Nix says:

    A BMW for Tools?

    I thought they already built the M3 for Tools?

  9. John MB says:

    Tesla is ssucking the life out of’s not that folks are waiting for the 125 mile range that BMW customers are choosing Tesla’s S and Xs over the i3. The typical BMW customers can afford $50+ cars. So they will obviously pick a Tesla, or even a 330e at $43,700. The i3 will remain a fringe EV at its current pricing.

    1. evcarnut says:

      BMW i3 , i8 phev’s & all the i, i, i’s etc: BMW are Unknowingly 0rchestrating their own demise… They are out to prove that a Rational, Functional EV cannot be built , This way people will “Give Up” on EV’s , buy ICE vehicles., & Keeping their business running as Usual….

  10. Bill Howland says:

    I wonder if Tom M. stormed out of the room when this article was conceived.

    There is that other company that IEV’s doesn’t dare poke fun of since there’s too much starch in the shirts there.

    Ok, now maybe Home Depot should have a

    “Hydrogen Hilti Honda” — At least their ‘fuel for sale’ displays could actually keep the car rolling.

  11. e-lectric says:

    Just the thing for the aspiring plumber, a severely overpriced vehicle to carry your overpriced services.

  12. evcarnut says:

    Yea, if plummers were cheap to begin with…… LOL

  13. Speculawyer says:

    Could that ladder photoshop been any more clumsy?

  14. sparkEV says:

    Does anybody care about this POS anymore? How about BMW make a car that doesn’t get 1 in 2 people saying it’s hideous looking. Tesla seems to have the magic formula when compared to other EV makers. You’d think that their lack of experience in the auto making business would have been a problem for them, but apparently it’s not. BMW likely does not want to make the i3 so desirable to the point that it takes away from their bread and butter profit cars such as the 3 series.

  15. Ed says:

    BMW’s goal is to sell this new version of a car to Solar City contractors to beat Tesla. :))

  16. Phaedrus says:

    I’d love a roof rack to mount my surfboards on 😉