BMW Marketing Chief: “Battery Power Will Become As Normal As Petrol”


BMW i3

BMW i3’s Lined Up At Port Prior To First US Sales

BMW i8

BMW i8

With the US launch of the BMW i3 now upon us, BMW’s global marketing chief, Ian Robertson, makes this rather bold statement:

“The market is approaching a tipping point, where battery power will become as normal as petrol or diesel.”

Robertson adds:

“If you look back over the past three years, the electric car market has multiplied by a factor of 25.”

The dawn of the electric age is upon us.

Source: The Guardian

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Once again the BMW talking heads are saying all the right things in support of their enlightened commitment to electrification.

Regardless of whether you like or dislike the i3, one cannot fault them for making a serious electrification effort on both the product development and marketing fronts.

Contrast that with the lame and short sighted statement from Sergio at Fiat Chrysler, just 2 days ago: “…don’t buy one because I loose money…”. I wouldn’t buy one, not because you loose money, but because you’re not committed to the Electrification Cause.

+1, well said.

I’d buy a 500e just to annoy Fiat… if they even brought it to Canada.

That’s my thinking, too…plus, I heard it’s actually a good car…peppy, handles well, etc.


I dunno. Buying lots of 500e cars might be the better way to go. It will annoy him and it will show there is a market for EVs.

They need to add a DC-fast-charger port on it though . . . apparently the internals are already prepped for one.

It already is for 200,000 drivers in the US.

I dislike the term tipping point since it so open to interpretation. I would say something more along the lines of sales of ev’s are expanding rapidly which will lead to greater sales and a gradual change in car fleet composition.

Good luck making that a talking point. GM’s engineers get all this stuff, as good/better than BMW, but they sound like wood in comparison.

“Tipping Point” is far better than the often misused term “Inflection Point”. Mathematically, an inflection point is where the curvature of a trend reverses. For EVs, since sales have been accelerating, an inflection point would mean sales begin to decelerate (not necessarily decrease, but at least not growing as fast). This would be a bad thing. A tipping point, on the other hand, is absolutely a good thing.

I like the i3, I just am not going to pay more for the same range (as a leaf, Fiat, etc.). My bullet points are to get 2 hour range (up from the current 1 hour with the leaf), faster charge, and then I’d be happy to pay for more luxury.

I am not going to pay more for a car that won’t tour.

And I guess I should add for the folks who insist on being dense here, that no, I don’t consider adding a gas engine to be range extending. That negates the whole point. I already have another gas car.

Scott, You have another gas car, good for you. Not everybody does, nor does the bulk of the US look like California in infrastructure. I am doing my part though by buying an L2 charger and making it public in a park for my fellow LEAF friends who I do not choose to call dense.

Battery Power Is As Normal As Petrol where I live.

where do you live?

I think he means his house?

Silicon Valley, California. (Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, etc., California)

Plug-in cars are very normal. Within walking distance of my house are 5 Leafs, 2 Teslas, 3 Volts, a Think City, and a Coda. Yes, a Coda! Buncha Silicon Valley Electric geeks.

Nice, great to see this type of statement in the press. It will get more people to think about getting a plugin vehicle.

Well, now we can be reasonably sure that this is TMC’s most likely genuine competition going foward: BMW. However, without better range and without dumping the ICE entirely, the i-series will not fully match up in terms of performance, reliability, efficiency and savings.

It’s entirely possible that a second generation i3 (plus i5 and others) will arrive in 2017/18 when the Tesla third generation goes into full production.

Good for BMW.

Finally, another major automaker serious enough about the EVs.

BMW has opened a new market with their i3 REx. It took the Volt concept and moved another notch closer to the pure BEV with significant upgrade in both performance and EV range.

Choices for everyone is a good thing. Good for BMW.

An i5 would be a major breakthrough since the i3 can’t fit a family; it is just way too small and strange.

Actually even better than an i5 would be a Toyota Camry sized BEV with their new free piston generator as rex, it would be cheaper and stripped from the superfluous luxury pollution of the Tesla MB and BMW brands. Something that really could start the mass electrification of most people’s car.
Unfortunately Toyota’s new CEO doesn’t seem to be set on electric cars so we face yet another dark decennia to come without mass electrification. Too bad to spoil the climate so close to the target and we are already at least a decade late.

Now if only there were some EV BMW’s that looked as normal as petrol BMW’s that I could buy….