BMW M3 Owner Test Drives / Reviews Tesla Model 3


What does a Tesla shareholder and current BMW M3 owner really think about the Tesla Model 3?

This BMW M3 owner shared his insight on Reddit. He gives us some nice background and assures that he’s not a professional reviewer and had no obligation to divulge his stock interest, but it appears as though he just wanted to be straight with the readers.


Red Tesla Model 3 front

Tesla Model 3

His Reddit handle is cookingboy, so we’ll call him CB to make it easier. CB claims to be disliked on Tesla forums since he’s critical. His current and previous car ownership includes the F80 M3, F30 335i, and E92 333i. He also shares that he’s had an opportunity to drive nearly every car in the segment, with specific mention of the BMW 3 Series, C AMG45, Audi S4, Audi S5, and new Alfa Romeo Giulia.

So, what does CB have to share? He begins:

“Well, today I was able to borrow this baby and spent a day driving it on mountain roads, within San Francisco, and cruise it down 101. Here are my impressions. I’m going to score individual categories relative to other competitors in this class, so I won’t be rating the Model 3’s cost against a Civic, its luxury against an S class, or its handling against a 911.”

CB provides a fair amount of text related to each of his chosen categories, but let’s start with a breakdown of his scores:

  • Drivetrain (9/10)
  • Steering (8/10)
  • Suspension/Chassis (9.5/10)
  • Interior Quality/Fit and Finish (5/10)
  • Technology/User Interface (Exclude Auto Pilot) (2/10)
  • Auto Pilot (10/10)

Tesla Model 3Despite the terrible tech score and marginal interior quality score, CB is impressed with the car overall. In fact, he may even buy one! Below are some key takeaways from his experience:

  • Instant torque makes the Model 3 a “star around town.” It beats all competitors in this aspect. However, at speeds over 55 mph, it’s not quite as impressive.
  • Steering is well-weighted and provides great feedback. Weight gets heavier as turn-in increases, but it’s not as predictable as he’d hoped, which causes a lack of confidence when pushing the car hard.
  • Suspension puts the Model 3 among the “cream of the top in this already sporty segment.” The Tesla’s extreme balance reminds CB of BMW’s best days.
  • Steering wheel is ugly, though cabin materials are decent. The minimalist design is subjective, and build quality is very solid, but the interior quality can’t stand up to class leaders.
  • $5,000 for Premium Upgrades is “outrageous.”
  • The car is “very bare bone” in terms of tech features.
  • User interface is high res and responsive, but still “a complete mess” for usability. CB thanked Elon Musk for Autopilot, which helps with the lack of a decent interface experience.

It seems CB is truly enamored with the Model 3’s Autopilot system. He shares:

“The best driver assist in this segment, bar none, end of story. Is it perfect? Not even close. Is it the best money currently can buy? By far.”

With all of this being said, CB highly recommends the Tesla Model 3. This is not to say that there aren’t many shortfalls, as you can see from his review. However, every car has its issues. The fact that he took the time to score each category and elaborate on the good and the bad makes this a compelling share. We believe his conclusion says it all and says it well:

“I was impressed by the Model 3. It wasn’t perfect, but is definitely without a doubt one of the strongest entries in the crowded luxury sports sedan segment. It does have some unique issues but it also has the unmatched value proposition of the sportiest EV on the market (yes, this car is a lot sportier than a P100D Model S).

The Model 3 is not a true sports car. It is not a real luxury car either. But for 99% of the people out there who can work an EV into their life, it is a very, very, VERY good car. The Model 3 is probably not the best car in this segment, but I also cannot say any competitor is clearly better. Tesla’s first effort in this segment manages to trade blows evenly against the best.”

Click the link below to read his entire review and follow the comments associated with it.

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That steering wheel does look cheap. With the interior being so minimal, the one thing the driver has in front of their face is that steering wheel. I love Tesla, and it won’t stop me from getting the car.. but boy how I wish they’d change that thing.

And in case you missed the comparison of the more luxurious P90D a customer traded in on a new BMW M5, here it is:

And in case you missed the comparison of the Tesla Model S with a BMW M5, here it is:
“Koenigsegg Founder Buys Tesla Model S, Says It’s More Fun To Drive Than An M5

He reportedly said that there was no better car than the Tesla Model S in its price range and that it was very affordable given its performance. He is also claimed to have said that one of the best sports sedans on the market, the BMW M5, accelerates slower, handles poorer and isn’t as fun to drive as the Model S.”

Good one, but in case you missed it, that review was 4 years ago! It is 2018 now. The new M5 is just hitting dealerships now. Instead of being in last place behind the Audi and AMG, it is now the quickest, and can cruise 180mph.

Here is the test of the current M5, 2018, not 2014. 189MPH governor with the M drivers package. 129 mph trap speed is up there with a Ferrari. Will walk away from the Model S from a real life roll on.

The stark contrast with the M5 is drama, or fuss, depending on perspective. Just about zero people buying one bother getting the revs up at a light, making it just another dog. Teslas are easy to pull away with, easy to drive fast, and they never announce their intentions.

Say what you want, but Car and Driver just did a super sedan comparson where even the vaunted Panamera Turbo came in last place! The M5 is the king of the hill now. The Model S doesnt deliver the same overall fun or track performance of this test group.

Look at the M5 sales… it’s MISERABLE
Model S is much better for the bucks.

Umm, they are limited production and are just starting to sell. They will sell everyone they make easily.

2/10 on the UI rating. OUCH!
Pretty much in line with other mag reviews however.

It that before the latest updates?

Will the updates make a difference in the UI?

Not really. Though I think it’s inadequate to the many tasks assigned to it, many reviewers, with some notable exceptions, don’t rate it that low.
Still I would have put a HUD in there, but for $200 you can improve the UI quite a bit.

Look at these x of 10 numbers compared to his experience with BMW 3 Series, C AMG45, Audi S4, Audi S5, and new Alfa Romeo Giulia!!
Suspension/Chassis (9.5/10) – WOW!
Drivetrain (9/10)
Steering (8/10)
Auto Pilot (10/10)

I’ve only driven the BMW M4, but it was like another world compared to my TMS. Like bathing in quality. Suddenly my TMS felt like 20 years old 😮 Def looking forward to the BMW i4 etc.

“The car is “very bare bone” in terms of tech features”??? and this review was done by an ICE apologist! LOL. It’s like a Kodak telling a Nikon D5 that the technology in the Nikon D is inferior to the Kodak film camera. ROTFLOL

Go read the details on Reddit, he explain why and his comments are fare. Can’t use tech that aren’t there.


Stop with the fake laughing.


I am afraid this guy doesn’t know how to use the tech features in a Model 3.

Probably still uses the smith-corona as his “microsoft office”

“…didn’t know how…” is itself a problem. When driving a two ton machine down the road is not the time to be learning how to use the thing. Buttons and switches work.

@cookimgboy reviewer said: “Well, today I was able to borrow this baby and spent a day driving it on mountain roads, within San Francisco, and cruise it down 101. Here are my impressions…”

Good review but only 1 day to get oriented with a totally new UI dashboard paradigm is not much adjust time.

His UI score of 2/10 (excluding AP which he rates 10/10) would likely be higher had he had a few days to adjust. Having said that, yes there are some things Tesla can and should do to better the Model 3 UI and those are likely to show up in future OTAs… something that’s not possible with traditional hardware knobs, switches, & dials.

For me the hardest thing to adapt to when I test drove the Model 3 was the door handle action to open the door… like having to know the secret handshake to get in. I’m sure after a few days that would become 2nd nature.

Model 3 could have been so much better,but they wanted to do a weirdmobile..

Weirdmobile has more than 400,000 reservations. Beautiful BMW i3 barely gets any buyer.

I get that you’re a Tesla fanboy, but the i3 is not a good example, it’s even weirder than the Model 3.

“C AMG45, Audi S4, Audi S5”

Those would be competitors to the upcoming Performance version of the Model 3 (date yet to be released). Those are 55K-70K cars.

Not really, those cars actually are in the $45k-$60k range, right around the price of a LR Model 3.

You are thinking the M3, C63 AMG, and RS4/RS5. Those are indeed a tier above and unless the Model 3 performance version also gets a completely new suspension/chassis, it will not be able to compete against those dedicated sports sedans.

User interface = big reason why I cancelled.

It will be a safety liability for Tesla, or more specifically, Model 3 drivers.

Being able to prove its Autopilot system out drives the distracted operator of a Model 3 is an **asset**, to Tesla. They are already out there, telling NHTSA AP is “40% safer”, with MS data.

Prediction: Model 3 AP = >50% “safer”
Win: Tesla
Loss: Drivers

They had plenty of warning. I don’t blame anyone getting off the bus. Engadget said similar:

Seems like a fair review to me. Thanks to CB.

Sorry, but this car is downright butt ugly