BMW M Performance Division Won’t Touch i3 or i8


This Design Screams for Some M Updgrades

This Design Screams for Some M Upgrades

BMW has once again confirmed that its M performance division will not tinker with the upcoming i3 or i8.

It Almost Looks as if M Already Had a Say in the Design of This One

It Almost Looks as if M Already Had a Say in the Design of This One

That’s a shame, especially since the i3 could use some exterior enhancements, wheel and tire upgrades and performance modifications to really crush the reasonably priced electric competition.

For the i8, it’s no big deal as it seems as though the M performance division did most of the initial development work (BMW says no, but it sure looks as if M had some say on the i8) on that model anyways.

Here’s what BMW Group head of technology communications, Cypselus von Frankenberg, told Car Advice in regards to M and the i8:

“I don’t think it’s necessary.  You look at the car, it’s an i version. You look at the LifeDrive architecture of the car, it wouldn’t make sense to bring M to that.”

BMW M head of product development, Carsten Pries, agrees with Frankenberg:

BMW M Logo

BMW M Logo

“To me, the brands BMW M and BMW i have different identities, and different focuses within their identities. I don’t expect there’s any type of competition, even if i8 is a sports car, it’s a different kind of sports car.”

Okay, so with M out, what’s in store in terms of performance upgrades for the i3 and i8?  Well, BMW has long offered to “chip” most of its models for a minimal fee ($1,000 or less), which boosts performance and it continues to offer M packages (wheels, tires, aero enhancements, suspension, etc) for vehicles that don’t wear the true M badge.

We suspect that BMW will make available several performance-enhancing products for both the i3 and i8 in the near future, but both an i3M (Mi3) and an i8M (Mi8) seem to be no-goes.

Source: Car Advice

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Let’s not forget that M has done a lot of crap cars that weren’t electric and couldn’t keep up with a 2.1ton electric sedan..
Who needs them..

The i8 is basically an ///M car out of the box. The i3 will at some point get a “sport” version, just not full blown ///M modification. It would make no sense to do so anyway. It would add weight as Dan eluded to, cut the range and drive the price up to Model S territory.

The better move would be to offer a sport version with simple computer tuning to add a little more power, offer a launch mode, stiffer suspension, wider tires and some unique trim, perhaps a special color not available on other i3’s. Offer the i3 Sport package for $1,995.

Both the i3 and i8 seem to have a lot of room to grow in term of their EV specs. I don’t think BMW gave them their all yet, but the foundation looks solid and promising.

If there were a BMW Mi8 I think sales would have been through the roof !! Just the recognition for the BMW brand from consumers alone would have made the project worth the money.. Personally, I would have gotten a Mi8 over my M4 convertible.