BMW i Lineup To Remain The Same For 2016 – i3 & i8 Only


BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i8

BMW i8

According to Australian website, BMW will not add any additional i models to its lineup in 2016.

Motoring quotes a source as stating this in regards to the i8 Spyder that was initially rumored to enter production this year:

“The i8 is selling well enough now, so the lineup doesn’t strictly need it.”

“We are doing it, we are just doing it slowly because it’s not all we are doing.”

After BMW’s reveal at CES 2016, we sort of sensed that the i8 Spyder wouldn’t enter production anytime soon, but at least we know BMW is “doing it,” we’re just not sure when the convertible i8 will be released, other than that it won’t come in 2016.

What we do know is that the BMW i3 will get a significant range boost in mid-2016 as the 2017 Model year i3 goes on sale.


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They didn’t say anything about a i3 spyder, did they? Think about it…

As I said, they all gear up to extinguish Tesla, then we will have only Hybrids then the Cartel will serve us Fool Cell cars that we will be captive from the refueling system…again…

If by “us” you are including me, you would be incorrect.

Not really a surprise. I have news for you, that will be the same for 2017, also. In 2018 we’ll get the i5.


South Texas Blood & Tissue Center ??

Seems to be the case.

Yes it seems to be the case that STBTC means “South Texas Blood & Tissue Center” if you google it.


2018 will be a very interesting year. It will mark the arrival of new High Density batteries to the market. Expect not only BMW, but also Nissan to increase their number of models. The Model 3 may or may not be there as well, we will know more about it soon.

GM launching the Bolt a year earlier then others shows true leadership.

That i8 is too awesome for me and I can’t afford it. I’ve decided I will just hate on it. Tesla is king and I also can’t afford it, but I’m a battery freak, so all others must lose. Shame on you BMW for making a futuristic looking car that people can buy today and for using that heavy and outdated carbon fiber stuff. I’m perfectly happy with my boring Toyota Prius.

Same here and i would like to add, that solar prices are increasing, but that doesn’t matter since oil is cheap now

“…that heavy and outdated carbon fiber stuff….”

And of course you know something lighter, more recent and more advanced then CRFP (Carbon-Fibre/Re-enforced Plastic) that can be use as structural element in a car ?

The i3 is on sale now, with a $2000 role out discount and a nice lease program.

update this with your zipcode and GO.