BMW Lays Out Details on i3 Launch Into Asia – Sales to Start This Month


German automaker BMW is spreading itself thin in regards to its i3.

The automaker notes a 6-month wait period for i3 deliveries, but that’s likely caused by BMW trying to make the i3 available in as many countries as possible, as quickly as possible.

BMW is now showing off the i3 throughout Asia, with test drives taking place in both South Korea and Japan.

BMW says it has high hopes for sales of its i3 in Asia

BMW board member for sales and marketing Ian Robertson told The Korea Herald:

BMW i3s in Japan

BMW i3s in Japan

“The i3 cars will definitely have a strong role to play in Asia such as Korea, China and Japan. These countries have the biggest cities in the world, which the i3 is targeting for.”

Unsuspectingly, the BMW i3 will launch this month in South Korea, which is way earlier than predicted.  Part of the push to get into South Korea quickly comes from the lack of EVs on the market there right now and strong incentives in South Korea.  It’s believed that these incentives will drive EV sales, so much so that BMW of Korea already has its first batch of 250 units of the i3.

The Korea Herald reports:

“The Korean government plans to offer incentives for 1,000 electric vehicles purchased this year…”

So, the race is now on.

Of note is that other countries around the globe have expiring incentives too, so don’t be too surprised if BMW moves to get its i3 launched in areas you wouldn’t really expect to see take top priority.

Source: Korea Herald

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Please BMW . . . come out with an alternative body design.

You’ve done so much right with light-weight composites, clean manufacturing, the very small range-extender idea, etc. But it all seems for naught with a body design that so many people reject as ‘ugly’. I know aesthetics are a subjective thing but objectively a large percent of people don’t like this design. Give us an alternative please.

Thats the point BMW i3 won’t sell well. The design is crazy…for 70% not beautifull(ugly), for 20% nice, 10% don’t know…

I love i3 design and I am seriously considering buying one next period, design being almost 50% of the reason.

If I bought one it would in spite of the design, which if find unappealing.