BMW Launches 530e With Odd “Fully Harnessed” Electricity Claim And Lightning Strikes – Video

JAN 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 20

BMW released a commercial with the 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid being driven to the lightning test center in Florida.

BMW iPerformance presents: A Force of Nature

The video raises the excitement level every second as we soon see how the 530e performs under fast charging. Does it survive?

Sure, it survives, but in the end we see someone forgot to connect the rocket device that attracts lightning to the car! Oh well. Guess it’s not as “fully harnessed” as BMW claims.

“The plug-in hybrid BMW 530e iPerformance has fully harnessed the raw power of electricity to increase both horsepower and acceleration. So, to launch it, we partnered with a team of Lightning Researchers at the University of Florida to see if we could tame one of the most powerful electric forces anywhere on Earth.”

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The plugin really becomes viable globally with 40-50 miles of real EV range.

Can’t theymove this along at a more rapid pace.
Or, is this somehow just meeting an EU regulation? Ability to drive in cities pollution free?

Yes, all those PHEVs BMW is so proud of are basically EU compliance vehicles. None of them have >20mi EPA AER, and many don’t even do 15mi. Ditto Volvo and Mercedes.
I believe there are basically 20-25 years where PHEVs have their place, because batteries won’t be cheap, light and plentiful enough for long-range (300mi) pure BEVs (esp. for the larger, heavier and less aerodynamic body styles) at middle-class prices. 20-25 years is easily enough for several generations of car models, so the R&D will pay off. As the volt has shown, ~40mi of range is enough to do ~70% of driving on electric, which is a good start.
In much of the world, households have a single vehicle, so the “we have a gasmobile for the long trips anyway, so no biggie if only the commuter is an EV” viewpoint many US EV fans seem to hold is not good enough.

Given all that, it’s sobering that there are currently only 3 EV models worldwide with >30mi AER (Volt, Pacifica Hybrid & Honda Clarity PHEV).

Another Phony EV Hybrid ,……

You’re right. May as well count 12V batteries, in which case “the most electrified fleet in the industry” would go to Volkswagen, or Toyota.

Speaking of skies (and reality), another Falcon 9 launches in about two hours:

On Srilanka allmost all new cars are sold as hybrids or EVs. Tax for them is reduced for 80%.

Brilliant! How else are ya gonna get the required 1.21 gigawatts?

A high number of BMW customers (that BMW has historically taken for granted as being “BMW brand loyal”) will in 2018 be migtrsting away from BMW to Tesla… that will be a reality shocker for BMW especially considering much of that loss for BMW will come from BMW’s own back yard, Western Europe.

Brand loyalty is often overestimated by those whose brand is involved, along with the automotive industry experts who think legacy automakers can easily close the distance that separates them from the leader. Which is Tesla, in this case.

You can say that again. Even here among us fans of Tesla if someone really came out with a better car a lot of us would drop Tesla.

The interest in the Mission-E alone shows that.

But when it comes to the total package only Tesla seems to be delivering right now. And even with the promises for 2018-19 we are waiting to see what is really delivered to the dealers first.

They should have learned by now that electric cars don’t make that nasty sound…

Really! My 15 year old truck makes less noise that what I heard in that ad.

BMW’s “strength” right now in the plug-in space is definitely in the breadth of their PHEV offerings – 330e, 530e, 740e,
X5 *e (heck, 3 of them are in the top 15 Plug-in sales chart for this past year here on InsideEVs).

Although their current offerings have pretty modest EV ranges they do seem to be well-positioned relative to other auto makers to create some higher range PHEV offerings in the future.

I will admit, I have hoped the brand new 530e would have a bit more range, but at least they priced it essentially the same as the base 530i (no doubt contributing to its sales). I also suspect it will get an EV range boost by adopting higher energy cells in another year or so.

They are all purposely Mislabeled with the e following the model number to insinuate that they “Real” EV’s..Clearly they are Not!

That’s just the half of it. I’m in a “430i” loaner. Yes, it’s “injected” but on closer inspection has a small 2.0 liter motor, with 8 SPEEDS! To keep the engine near any power is a regular paddle-palooza.

Hybrid was the stepping stone to EV back in the day. It’s archaic, complicated and polluting. BMW spend $$$ on a marketing FARCE of nature rather than toward the betterment of energy storage. German car companies kicking a dead (ICE) horse to their eventual demise.

Hbrid could be said to be the stepping stone to the PHEV, and that’s what this is.

Looks like their using the hybrid system purely for power. For instant low end torque and acceleration from this ad.
I guess that’s one way to sell hybrids.

Hey, at least they’re not afraid to call it a plug-in hybrid.

The creature comforts and interior details (available ceramic controls, advanced seat designs, materials, etc) of the 5 series is far beyond the cars that many people think the 5 series competes against.

Worthless. Smoke and mirrors. Let’s rip along a highway highlighting the V8 sounds of our sedan, then right at the end of the commercial we’ll show a lightning bolt behind the ICE-mobile.

Electrification without changing a thing- BRILLIANT!! Enjoy losing your customers to Tesla, there, BMW..