BMW Labor Boss Urges Automaker To Accelerate All-Electric Vehicle Offerings

NOV 12 2016 BY MARK KANE 17

Manfred Schoch, the deputy chairman of BMW’s supervisory board and top labor representative for the company, publicly rebuked BMW management for not enough electrification.

BMW 530e iPerformance

BMW 530e iPerformance (arrives in March 2017 – details)

According to Schoch (via AutoNews), BMW should launch all-electric versions of 3-Series, 5-Series and 7-Series or risk falling behind rivals in BEVs field.

““Management has been slow to decide on investing in more electric models,” Manfred Schoch, who’s also deputy chairman of BMW’s supervisory board, said in an interview on Thursday in Nuremberg, Germany.

The carmaker must expand its range to include electric versions of its core lineup, including 3-, 5- and 7-Series sedans, he said. “Anything else would be detrimental to the business.””

Today, BMW has single all-electric car on the market (i3), but also a broad portfolio of plug-in hybrids, from the i8 through X5 xDrive40e, 330e iPerformance, 740e iPerformance, 225xe Active Tourer and soon the  530e iPerformance which arrives in March 2017 (details).

Even still, more plug-in hybrid are set to be released in near future by both BMW and MINI (see MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4).   However, the company is planning for more all-electric vehicles a bit further out (which should make Schoch a little happy) – namely a MINI BEV in 2019, an finally another all-electric under the BMW nameplte – the X3 BEV in 2020.  The BMW iNEXT is also planned somewhere in the indefinite further.

““Management must invest in electric mobility now” to remain competitive in the future, said Schoch. BMW declined to comment on the demands from the works council chief.”

MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4

MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4

The pure electric versions of 3-Series, 5-Series and 7-Series would defintely be a major move for BMW, something the company might desperately need after having a couple major setbacks so far this year:

  • Mercedes-Benz will take the world’s best-selling luxury-vehicle brand crown for 2016 – after a 10 year run by BMW
  • the company’s new 7-Series flagship sales thus far have been sluggish compared to company expectations

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That is right. If BMW want to be seen as a premium car they need to push the envelope. They should release cars with 250-350 (depending on size) miles of range. A premium car maker doing “me too” compliance junk isn’t cutting it. BMW needs to be in the front line.

Well, due to the different model cycle timing, the 3 series and 5 series are aging compared to the recent Mercedes offerings. But the revamped BMW models are right around the corner.

Also, to put things into perspective compared to Tesla, BMW group still sold over 190,000 cars last month. the 7 series was never a volume seller for BMW. From the latest BMW announcement:

“A year after it was launched, the brand’s flagship BMW 7 Series achieved sales growth of 79.0% in October, with a total of 5,664 delivered to customers worldwide. In the first ten months of the year, BMW 7 Series sales totalled 47,416 (+67.2%), making this sixth generation the most successful 7 Series ever in the year following launch.”

And furthere coprorate sales numbers:

“November 11, 2016

Worldwide 196,002 vehicles delivered, up 2.3%

Year-to-date sales rise 5.8%: 1,942,642 vehicles sold

BMW year-to-date deliveries up 5.5% to 1,646,743

MINI sales up 7.3% in first ten months: 292,823 delivered

100,000th electrified BMW delivered since launch of BMW i”

I’m actually intrigued by the notion of a 5000lb gas guzzling X5 being able to drive on battery at all.I am truly entertaining getting one of those or the 5 series as part of the family stable.

My new 2017 i3 BEV is on a ship to the US as we speak. It can actually handle 90% of my trips which areunder 120 miles (even the 2017 irex are regularly getting 120-130 mile AER). With a DCQC at the midpoint, 200 miles trips are a breeze. X5 or 5 series (or 330e) can handle all my short trips around town that would normally be horribly inefficient in a pure ICE. And then they can also handle the rare 350 mile 75mph hwy trips without stopping, unlike the TeSLA or Bolt. The point is, depending on your driving needs, having a PHEV SUV, or larger car AND a BEV can make a lot or practiCal sense.

350 miles at 75mph would give you almost five hours of driving without stopping. Yes you can do it, but is it responsible? Why not stop 15 to 20 minutes to rest your car, but most of all to rest your body and to take some strength and to do some physiological necessities. In that terms you will be a more attentive to the road and you will have your reflexes far more reliable than driving more than 4 hours without stopping. Be responsible, don’t be a danger for you, the ones who are in the car with you and the ones who are in road with you.

It has more to do with the fact that 300 miles AER still will only get you 150 miles out in a trip to the mountains, etc, in which there is a good chance there will be no DCQC, but gasoline is available IF you needed to fill it. And on many of the open desert roads, people are cruising 75-80mph, and we know what that does to BEV range. Like I said, the i3 will be fine for the 100-200 mile trips…a heavy PHEV for hauling the kids to school and around town, and for emergency long trips, or road trips to remote areas without access to DCQC.

You just need to make it to the top of the mountain with some reserve left over. The Model S captures a lot of the lost energy going up the hill. But yes, going to the top of the mountain, will cut your range down depending upon the altitude gain, but you don’t need nearly as much energy as the down slope segment. More of an issue is cold weather, rain or wind.

It seems a 300 mile trip can be made in a fully charged/fueled irex with no more than a 3 minute stop for fuel. This guy was on the fwy, cruising at 70mph at times. Did over 210 miles. So must have been at least 120 AER and perhaps 90 miles petrol? With a theoretical range of almost 220 miles!

Like I said a simple few minute fuel stop, and the useful range exceeds 300 miles. Extremely practical considering most people don’t even need the 120 miles AER on most days. BMW is extremely conservative with the 2017 EPA range rating. The other day I saw 150 miles of anticipated range when I plugged in the irex. Obviously optimistic because of the high efficiency driving right before. But 120-130 miles of AER seems to be easily doable.

You can do 238 Miles in a BOLT or Model 3 With N0 GASOLINE//

As I said, you might not make the 300 mile trip as easily as the i3 could, or perhaps not at all. Lots of areas don’t have the option of charging, most locations are accessible by gas though. So for a 300 mile trip, the irex can make it with minutes of inconvenience of pumping in 2.5 gallons.And for most other trips below 120miles,AER operation is sufficiently easy

I regularly drive 160 miles plus and back again in my 730d. At 55mpg I don’t see the point of electric vehicles unless they are hybrids. I have test driven both full electric and hybrids by BMW. They are great, but all they do is shift the polution from home to the power station.

They do not shift the pollution to the power plant as most of us have solar panels on our roofs to generate our electricity. And even on grid power electric cars are way more efficient and cleaner than any gasoline or diesel car. But you’re forgetting one big thing, that car you drive is not even available here. I consider myself a car guy and ive never heard of it. I had to look it up. Here in the states, the best gasoline or diesel cars can barely approach 50 mpg and thats only the Prius. Our neutered diesels don’t even get that much.

What do you mean by “all they do” ? That’s the whole point! I don’t want to breathe the pollution so it’s great the exhaust fumes are somewhere else, if they exist at all!

You must Use “RENEWABLE” energy, Not Energy Generated from Coal Burning Power Plant..Even so it’s still cleaner…

Has there been any updates on the 2017 X3 plug in Hybrid? It was going to be based off the same architecture as the X5 except in a smaller and lighter vehicle.

Has BMW mothballed the X3 PHEV just to wait until 2020 for the BEV X3?

5kw PV

It’s nice to see the workers out in front of the managers on this. Because German auto workers are also auto buyers.

Those workers see what their boss doesn’t or doesn’t want to see. BMW is taking its time to launch the ev 3 and 5 series. That is an attitude similar to what Nokia did with smartphones. It did not come out well for Nokia.

All-electric versions of 5-Series and 7-Series won’t be able to compete with Tesla. So they stick with ICEs.
They will face the same fate as Nokia sooner or later. But the CEO isn’t gonna be in charge when the time comes, so who cares?