BMW Jumps Past Toyota to Take Lead in Electromobility in Germany


Admittedly, our German language skills are poor, so we turn to Google Translate (slightly edited to remove obvious translation errors) for this one…no that won’t work either, as this first translated graph proves:

“The show launches of vehicles such as the BMWi3,  Opel Ampera and Tesla, electric cars have outgrown the prototype stage.  In addition, the increasing visibility of these vehicles on the road promoting the consumer interest in electric cars.  Against this background, employs the Nuremberg market research pulse for four years with the question of the establishment of electric mobility in Germany.  In this context, it is also about the question of which car brands are leaders in the development of electric vehicles.  

According to a study there is a changing of the guard: Driven by the launch of the BMW i3 lays in the competence for electric vehicles by 13 percent in July 2012 to 31 percent in 2013 and clearly overtaken Toyota.”

Basically, BMW has overtaken Toyota as the automaker who leads in electromobility, according to the 1,014 German motorists who were interviewed.

The Google translate version talks more about the “changing of the guard“, which we translate to the BMW i3 has pushed the German automaker past Toyota and into the lead in perception of electromobility in Germany.

Opel and Renault fell backwards for a “promotion not so intense that even the brand itself benefited from it.”  In other words, Opel and Renault don’t advertise their EV offerings in Germany.

Source: Markenartikel Magazin

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“BMW Jumps Pass Toyota . . . .”

I think you missed an obvious translation error in the headline. 😉

I haven’t seen much advertising for the Renault in Belgium either. Or Opel. Or BMW.
Renault have just now started a billboard campaign for the ZOE, more that 6 months after it was introduced. The tagline is ‘Dare to go Electric. Love it or trade it’. They let you buy the Zoe and swap it for an ICE car if you’re not convinced after 9 months. But still, I feel all EV manufacturers should do more, too many people are unaware of the availability or capabilities of these cars.

Eh electric Audis? they have kept that rather quiet. Not even a price on Audi germany’s site.
I didn’t even know about it. The automaker who cried wolf….

Hmm, does this mean that all the major european automakers have EVs now?
Fiat sort of has one although only available in USA.
That’s actually rather significant. VW and Audi snuck in and suddenly everyone has one. Even dense Volvo has a plugin.

What do you factor into european automakers then? If you go by brand (and not groups/manufacturers) with more than 1% of the sales in Europe then there are:


Out of those it’s only BMW, Renault, Volkswagen and Volvo that actually have electric cars they want to sell and actually sell. And with only BMW and Volvo who have built new platforms with EV’s in mind from the beginning.

Citroen, Peugoet and Ampara sell Ev’s but only by gluing their brand to some other brands car.

Mercedes and Fiat pretend to have EV’s by getting compliance cars that they don’t want to sell so putting them in the “have EV’s”-category would be extremely generous so far.

Audi will have one but with their track record I want to see the A3 e-tron in production and delivered to customers before I actually believe Audi and count them as a EV car maker.

Dacia, Seat and Skoda don’t have any but they are also low price brands owned by bigger brands and it’s unlikely that they will have anything soon since the price is the main factor in bying those cars.

In my opinion 4 our of those 13 have EV’s for real.

Ampara = Opel… don’t know what happened there but I guess I was thinking of the Ampera when writing it.

I’m not saying their hearts are into it or they are doing well but it’s still significant that everybody has one now. That was inconceivable a handful of years ago.
We both forgot Porsche which also has a fairly significant plugin albeit very misguided. From mocking electric drive to putting it in their crowning achievement.

Hi Folks,

thats just an interview.

Fact is that Renault sold twice ZOEs than BMW i3 in Germany. And thousands more in Europe.
And .. BMW can not scale so fast.



Well, the only thing this shows is how unaware the germans are about EV’s so far… I hope this will change in 2014.

Hi Mikael,

no this will not change at all here in Germany.

Remember: Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler earn much more with conventional cars. So the press / news / Newspapers all tell the same story.

– Too expensive
– Range around 60 Miles in Winter around 40 Miles (Tested by AutoBild)
– Not usable, no chargers around

I read that here twice a week everywhere.

But people are buying ZOEs and Twizys and BMW i3s and Leafs. Especially people with Photovoltaics on their roof.



It’s basically saying because bmw is advertising a lot, people think bmw is good at EVs